Sunday, December 21, 2014

This to This!

I am finally on Christmas vacation.  That nagging feeling that I have had of not getting everything done that I needed to--kind of disappeared after chatting with my mom.  She is still recovering from her broken leg so has to depend on a lot of other people for her shopping, cooking, cleaning and everything else. 

My gifts will be partially wrapped and in the mail on Monday, maybe they will make it, more than likely they will not.  I had some things shipped directly to my mom's house and she has been wrapping those gifts for me.  The same goes for her gifts they will probably arrive after the holiday, and I will need to wrap some of those gifts.

Remember this pile of fabric I posted not too long ago?

Well that pile went from this......
To this!  Ten Magic pillowcases.  One for almost every grandchild.  

I started working on wrapping, but decided that it would help if I could get the stocking stuffers out of the way.  I knew I had  one stocking to make for Finn, there are just inexpensive stockings that I put their name on.

You can see the names are just machine sewn onto the cuffs.  I had one for every family member, but several stockings have managed to disappear from the box where all of the rest were put away.  DH and I spent several hours going through all the boxes of Christmas decorations, boxes in the sitting room, our closets, and dressers to no avail on Saturday.  Now there are certain things that I am a fanatic about.  One is Christmas decorations.  They all get put away soon after Christmas into the same place.  That way there is no hunting going on through the whole house. So the fact that there are stocking missing means that someone took theirs home instead of leaving them after last years small celebration.   

Someday I will make them all nice quilted ones like these.  DH asked how many years we have to be married before he will get a stocking too!  I told him when he allowed me to have better light in the family room to stitch by.  Let's just say by the time the afternoon was over the Ott lite has taken up residence in the living room so that I may stitch more easily. 
I do not put these up because I do not have one for every family member made.  Maybe some year I will get them all done. 

I thought I would share a bit of the goodies that I purchased recently.

 I just loved this Chalkboard Christmas it is a half yard bundle and is by Melissa Ybarra of Iza Peal Design for Windham Fabrics. I purchased it from Fat Quarter Shop a couple of months ago.  No I have not made anything from it as of yet. 
I found a fat quarter set of Riley Blake's Home for the Holidays in greens at Shabby Fabrics, but I wanted some yardage of the other colors too,which I purchased at Fat Quarter Shop.  I think those reindeer are just too cute for words!

 The Thrifty Needle was having a sale on Moda Grunge recently so I stocked up on some 1-2 yard cuts. I love to use it as  for blenders. 

Finally while I was working on tissue holders I had some owl fabric which was from a scrap box/bag I won.  I had enough to make a chap stick holder, but not enough to make a matching travel tissue cover.  So I wandered to my LQS.  What to my wandering eye should appear, but owl fabric, a gorgeous aqua/turquoise blue Moda Grunge(Oh they have a lovely stock of grunge!), Kaffe Fasset shot cotton which has a lovely fingering but I am not too sure if the color depth is the same as other shot cottons which I have been wanting to purchased.  Finallly I had to have this the moment I saw it Tula Pink's Moon Shine Deer Me fabric.  I could not resist those gorgeous deer with the happy yellow, and the daisies dancing all around.  What will I make with it?  Don't have a clue but I loved the fabric. 

I still have some more of these to make.
They make up quick and easy!  And I have a stocking to deconstruct.  I cross stitched this for someone years ago, I won't reuse it as a stocking even though it is very cute.  But the snowman can be repurposed to make a pillow I think.  We will see how well deconstruction goes. 

Nothing like a lazy Sunday to do some slow stitching and a few finishes. 

Everything is coming along even though there have a few kinks in my road. 


  1. Years ago I crocheted some Christmas stockings for my family. Luckily, I didn't have any more kids because I don't remember how to make them now. Looks like you have lots to do during your vacation!

  2. I know what you mean about the stockings. I gave up filling them as they were always taking them. we had matching plaid ones and I got tired of replacing them. you have lots to do but I have faith in you. have a very Merry Christmas my friend

  3. seems like you're pretty much there now. You even found time to do some great shopping.

  4. Glad your on vacaTION !!!! Your poor Mama, what a terrible time of the year to be down with a broke lag ....I hope she's a fast healer. I bet you'll get all done before Christmas that needs doing...I've never seen anybody like you that can do 3 days work in 1 day !!! I finally got the last of my Christmas sewing done yesterday! I made all the grandkids a quilted stocking, not sure where their other ones went to? Ranchman is down with the flue so I have to go to my son's house today to keep the little cowboy...think I'll take my sewing machine and work on the Mystery quilt !


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