Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Rush

December is always busy, but this year seems to be a bit more so.  It could be because I am working more than I have in the past couple of years, it could be because DH had quite the bug, to the point where he actually stayed home from work.  Of course I got some sort of bug, just not as bad, which kind of threw a slight hitch in my plans.  Hey I mean you can only ride around in a metal tube with 100 + disease infested vermin of the little darlings without catching something. 

But to go over 2 weeks without posting?  I started one, and never finished it. **Note to self during my 2 weeks off I need to get  some posts done.   Here is a little glimpse of what I have been doing.

I have made a 13 chap stick holders, and 7 matching tissue holders.
Almost all of these are made from my scrap bin!  I have 2 more sets to make to be completely finished with these. Oh boy my room looks like a tornado hit between digging for scraps big enough to make the pattern, and house cleaning for family cookie day. 

I have made 3 hand towels, and am close to finishing up one more.  I love the little motif that I chose, because I can actually stitch these in about 3 hours.  I have a couple more of these to do also. 

This pile of fabrics has turned into 9 magic pillow cases. I have 6 of them completed, and 3 more all cut and ready to sew. 
I also made some of these super cute snowmen using candy bars, gloves, and DH's old discarded shirts.  They will make a fun yummy stocking stuffer for all the kids.  I need to make 6 more for the kids here, the above ones are going on a trip to Oregon.  I saw the idea while cruising through Pinterest, but cannot seem to locate the initial designer. 

In all of that we had a thorough housecleaning for 2 days to get ready for this.
Family cookie day.  The cookie is a rolled sourdough type of cookie, which is then frosted.  The kids are in charge of the sprinkles, which I am sure you can see is probably not a great idea looking at some of the cookies, but that is what makes it family cookie day.  Imagine a dining room table which seats 10-12 completely covered a couple of layers deep with cookies, and another table where people are frosting and sprinkling.  Everyone goes home with part of the cookies, and cookies are given to the Ancient ones, and DH grandmother and  aunt, as well as DH co-workers.

Our middle minion celebrated his 6th birthday, and he made Batman cookies for all of his friends.  (I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of those) 
I had to use an old picture.  He has not been feeling well and was diagnosed with scarlet fever.  He is on a regime of antibiotics and a creme mixture of Eucerin and cortisone.  He can go to school, but he is a big huge red itchy, sore blob, and his skin is continuously peeling off of his feet, hands, and face. 

Oh we also managed to get our tree up and decorated, and all the Christmas shopping completed.  So I am sure you can understand me being missing in action. How are your holidays shaping up? 


  1. you go girl! all is looking good. love the matching kleenex and chapstick holders. arent they addictive?

  2. If I hadn't heard from you I would have been very worried

  3. Awe poor little minion, I bet that's miserable ! You have been a busy girl ! Aren't you going to enjoy your Christmas vacation from school !! Woo Hoo ! Merry Christmas !

  4. Those are some great Christmas gift ideas! I've been trying to not to get sick from the kids at school today.

  5. Woww, all that and working too. I hope you and DH are over your bugs now, and that the poor little 6year old recovers enough that he can enjoy Christmas.

  6. You are as busy as Santa's elves! Lots of fun stuff made!


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