Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer and the Strawberry Moon

Summer has arrived and I cannot believe how busy it is.  So far in the past couple of weeks I have managed to get in a little sewing--

When we are not catching raccoons (yep caught coon #2) the Friday before last, this one was much more aggressive than the sibling we had caught a couple of days before. 

Picking wild strawberries in the field.

Unfortunately I have no pictures to show of our bounty, but we ended up with a couple of cups worth of berries which Finn devoured later on that day, hence no pictures.

I baked a mile high coconut cream pie for DH for Father's Day.

I have also done lots of watering, and weed pulling.  Here are a few of our radishes that I put in a salad I fixed for dinner. Aren't the different colors pretty?  I have carrots which are supposed to be different colors of orange and red.  I can't wait until they are ready. 

I also managed to get a couple of blocks done for the RSC.  The color this month is Aqua.
Saw Toothed Square
I finished up the Crown and Star late Friday evening.
Crown and Star

I have a couple of more days left this month.  I need to get an aqua twisted blossom block, and an aqua Navajo block completed also.  Is your summer crazy busy too?


  1. crazy hazy lazy days of summer
    crazy is spot on!
    love your blocks my friend.......many nice quilts in progress there

  2. Oh yes! Crazy Crazy! But no wild strawberries and no glorious coconut pie either - my mouth is watering!!!

    It's been so long since I've had time to visit, I totally enjoyed reading back through your posts! I am always envious of friends who have gardens and pull out radishes and carrots and sweet potatoes for supper. I've never been one to enjoy gardening however, so I pick up local veggies at the farmer's market. And your repurposed lace curtains are so lovely! The fox quilt is perfect :*)

  3. You are staying busy.....the coconut pie looks delicious !

  4. Hunting for berries with the grandkids...priceless! With the boys back home with their mom and dad I'm hoping to do some sewing to catch up.

  5. We have been pulling lettuce and peppers and onions from our garden...along with lots of weeds :) You are busy busy...I am still away from the machine more than I like but hand stitching a bit of wool to stay in-the-sew!!

  6. sitting here praying for rain, it's all around us but we have got none so far.

  7. Summer here is quiet for us child-less folks. All the other people leave on vacation except for the new neighbors behind us who seem to throw an outdoor party every weekend!

    Love your aqua blocks. And so fun to see the little grand guys! Glad that you caught the other raccoon. Hopefully he will find his brother.

    Pugs and kisses,

  8. I always love seeing your blocks. The Crown of Stars is fabulous.

    That pie looks delicious. It is my husband's favorite pie.

  9. Coconut cream pie! Yummy! You have been busy. Can't wait to see the orange and red carrots.

  10. Crazy? Yes. We traveled to Albuquerque in mid-May, for a family wedding. We just got back from Tulsa, where our youngest son and his wife flew down from Anchorage, to be in a wedding. We all stayed with friends for a week. Now we are prepping for our trip to Anchorage, to see the kids again, in early August, and hoping that our oldest gets a job, and we can move him somewhere, too. I still haven't been in my sewing room, and we got home Monday night. Maybe later today....


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