Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ending June

OK Seriously where did June go?  Life is falling into a rhythm which is nice, and I have time to sew. 

I finished up the friendship block for quilt guild.  It is called chop suey.

I managed to get a quilt back made for this quilt.
I also decided on thread to quilt it with and received it in the mail today.

When I pulled out my roll of batting from the closet I discovered two sweater boxes full of fabric.  Gasp!  I got them folded and put away pretty quickly. 

Lots of yardage, and smaller pieces.  The smaller pieces were cut up into 5 inch strips, 2 1/2 inch strips, 2 inch strips, and 1 1/2 inch strips. 
Some of these were cut up to use in a Dresden Plate quilt that I decided I was going to finish up.

 I had found these in the boxes that I received from my MIL.  They were not even, I wasn't a fan of the blue, and I really did not want to do needle turn applique to roll the edges over,  so I took them all apart, trimmed them up and resewn.
I pulled some fabrics from my stash  and spent several hours pressing today.  See all of these pretty fan blades?

I started sewing them together.
I think the dark one needs to come out and be replaced. After looking at the picture I am not loving it, but I love the flowers.  Dang that means I need to make 5 more blades.  Hopefully I can find something that goes in my stash.  Otherwise I will have to make a stash enhancement. 

Last Friday my daughter sent me a picture and asked do you want it?

I loved how rustic looking the cabinet was, and the little doodad on top.  Inside? 

This is a Kenmore Rotary 120-71.   The two leaves actually open up to each side so you have lots of room.  It even had the book, and the accessories. 
I can't wait to have some time to play with it. 

This afternoon while the boys were playing in the pool I looked at my little crate I use as a table on the deck, and surprise I had a friend.

DH says these are tree frogs, they are a lot bigger than the ones that I am used to.  I seem to have one almost everywhere I spend time outside lately.

Hopefully July is a wee bit slower. 


  1. Cool machine. I don't think I've seen one of those, or that type of cabinet, either. Have fun playing with it.

  2. love your dresdans. are all 5 exactly the same fabrics? it is so pretty with all those florals
    have fun with your machine. maybe your froggy friend just wanted to have fun too :-)

  3. Yay for vintage machines, glad you rescue them :) I would leave the dark fabric in that dresden...I like it - just me, I guess.

  4. Those "plates" are gorgeous. I love the old sewing cabinet. It looks like it is in really good condition too.

  5. I love those Dresdens! I think you are right about that one dark blade though, it kind of stands out. Interesting how things look so different in a photo. Cool looking sewing machine and cabinet. Was that fabric from you MIL stash?

  6. Nice machine! Wish I could find two box's of fabric

  7. Love the varigated thread. Awesome old machine. it will be fun to play with. Great fun to find fabric. There looks to be some lovely stuff there, and plenty of yardage to play with. Love the dresdens too but think you are right about the dark blue standing out. They have such lovely pretty floral fabric - I think you will come round to loving them...ha!

  8. Another nice machine for you...sweet! I agree. Where the heck did June go!


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