Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Dresden Dilemma

Well after looking at my photos I decided I was not loving the dark blue blade in the Dresden.  What was I going to do?  I really didn't want to go shopping for stash enhancement. (I know, I know she doth protest too much) I wanted to find something in my stash that would work.  Which means stash shopping, especially after my latest discovery of two boxes full of fabric in my closet underneath and behind my rolls of batting.

These are all of my fat quarters except for the batiks, and solids.  Piles of orange, green which is toppling over onto the neutrals/black and white pile, which is severely leaning on the pile of blue, which is barely staying up because of the red/coral.  I think I need to organize maybe by shade, as well as maybe strips, polka dots, homespuns, florals, and novelty prints.  DH recently brought me home these baskets.

They are baskets out of freezers which have been sent to the dump.  He said, maybe you could make a fabric liner, and then stack your fat quarters in them so it would be easier to see them. 

Anyway back to my Dresden dilemma.....doesn't that sound like some kind of quilting mystery?  I pulled several florals out of my stash and decided on this yellow.
I think this is a scrap that I have left from a dress that I made the middle daughter Rebecca when she was about 2 years old---sshhh don't tell anyone but that was over 25 years ago!  If I remember right it had lace, and bright pink ribbon accents on the dress,and with her coloring it was so cute.  Jack the ripper and I removed the offending blades, and replaced them with these lovelies.

Much nicer and softer and sweet looking. 
Here are the 5 Dresden plates I am going to use.  I want to do a quilt with once in the center but I am thinking about making it a double layer, with a solid behind it, then the other 4 at the corners kind of like the layout of a playing card.  I also need to decide on what colors I am going to use in the center of each of these, and get my foundation ready to lay them out.  I was thinking that the centers should be pink, lavender, pale blue, pale yellow, and maybe a coral color sticking with the low volume look. 

DH also found these going into the garbage pit.

There was also a picnic basket with the hinged lids, but he didn't get to it fast enough and it was crushed.  As you can see these baskets are quite large. 

I think my Dresden dilemma is solved, now to clean up the ginormous mess I made in my sewing room.  How do you organize your fat quarters?  By color, by style, or willy nilly?


  1. I think your blocks are coming along nicely.

  2. I think your blocks are coming along nicely.

  3. Looking good :) I organize my fq's by color or by designer...I have drawers of both Sweetwater and Fig Tree as well as Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria and Tula...the rest get arranged by color. I like those freezer baskets, they remind me of the locker baskets I have seen and coveted but never purchased - have never figured out where I would put them.

  4. Oh love those floral dresdens--very "Grand-mere's quilts" looking.
    I HAVE to re-organize my stash--right now it is dark/light by colors
    stash diving always brings oldies but goodies to the surface....hugs, Julierose

  5. Love your Dresden, great fabric. Glad hubby got you some storage

  6. Love the new colour in the dresden - as you say nice and light now not standing out like the darker blue. Very pressy. Well done husband on his idea with the wire baskets. And for rescuing the wicker ones too. They are quite big which is nice. I organise sorta by colour and creatively ( ha...willy nilly!)

  7. beautiful dresdans. cant wait to see your quilt. I organize by color for larger pieces and just strips or tumblers for the smaller ones

  8. Love your Dresdens. They look so pretty. And your DH has an eye for things to save and reuse!

  9. I sort most of my fabrics by color, but I do have containers of design groups. I love how your hubby brings you such great treasures!


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