Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weeds, Watermelon, and July RSC Blocks

I thought I was going to attend the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild Biennial Quilt Show on Saturday, but instead I ended up hanging out around the house while the oldest daughter's husband and his friends moved their household belongings into our barn and garage.  The had sold their house and it was closing on August 11.  Part of the conditions of the sale were that the buyers were going to take immediate occupancy.  The kids have also put an offer on a house but it won't close for a few more weeks, and one of the seller's conditions was that they would remain in the home for 30 days after closing.  So they needed a place to put all of their belongings.

Before they started the ordeal I worked in the garden.  I mowed along the chicken house, flower beds, and around the berry bushes where the big mower cannot reach, I pulling weeds mainly thistle, until the rain began pouring down. I also trimmed trees in the orchard.   Once I was finished I decided to work on my July RSC blocks. 

 Twisted Blossom in watermelon colors.  Surprisingly these came from my stash. 
 All of my twisted blossom blocks.  I love this block and need to make 9 more blocks I want to have 16 total. 
Here is my Navajo block at least the strips cut out.  I ran out of time to make it because I was working on some other things.

A reminder of the blocks and what it will look like tomorrow, after the new month starts....(hanging my head in shame.)

I did manage to get the crown and thorn block finished.

Saw Toothed Square

Fancy Foxes

I wonder what the color for August will be?


  1. I really want your twisted blossom quilt ;) It really strikes my fancy. I guess you'll have family living with you for a while.

  2. My son is about to be in that same situation - they sold their house and will close September 11. But they haven't even found a new one yet! blessings, marlene

  3. Your block groups keep getting better and better!! Are you going to the Grand Rapids one? I am trying to make that one this year :)

  4. I just love your blocks. I can't really decide which one is my favorite, but the Twisted Blossom is right up there.

  5. I am just loving all your sets of RSC blocks! Such a delightful post!

  6. Wow! Sounds as if everyone's stuff is at your place - glad the barn is a big one!! Love all your blocks but you are right the twisted blossom is a beautiful block!

  7. Love, love, love all your different monthly block projects. I'm especially enamored with the foxes. They are so cute. Right now I'm saving your 3 part quilt show post to read this weekend.
    Pugs and kisses,


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