Friday, July 22, 2016

What's In a Name?

I have been sewing when I have a free moment.  Some days the boys are much needier than others, unfortunately it means I don't have a lot of time to myself.

I made the saw toothed square block for the RSC in Watermelon.

I decided I needed a quick quilt finish, this is the  Moda Love Layer Cake Quilt.

I made it from a layer cake of Moda's Sweetwater Mama Says Sew that I had in my stash, and a oyster color polka dot fabric that I had also.  Yeah for me using stash up!  I put a narrow 2 inch border around it. I think I have enough of the layer cake left I can do a piano key border. 

I also finished quilting the bag lady quilt from 2015. 

I quilted a a swirly design all over. 
I have the binding all ready cut out, but I couldn't put it on the quilt until I had a label, and I was stuck.  I could not think of a name.  I think I finally decided I would call it swirly bird.  Now I am off to make a label!

Nice to get something accomplished.


  1. Pretty blocks. I really like that Moda Shop one.

  2. Looking good, I think you get loads done - I am not able to sew much in the summer, quilting tends to be more of a winter sport for me. Stay cool, today is crazy warm, eh?

  3. Moda Love looks great! Likey, likey Swirly Bird.

  4. You've gotten a lot more sewing done then I have!

  5. Congratulations on an almost finish on Swirly Bird! I like the name! I think you have accomplished a lot, considering your limited sewing time. Watching grandkids takes a lot of energy!

  6. You have been busy! Gorgeous quilts!

  7. Have you ever accomplished a lot! Love seeing all your blocks and quilts. Love the big block quilt...nice to use up those layer cakes!


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