Friday, July 22, 2016

Heat, Humidity, and Sewing

We have strung together quite a few days of high heat, and humidity.  Just like the extreme cold during the winter this weather encourages excursions outside early in the morning and late in the evening, but to stay hold up in the house as much as possible the rest of the time.

July RSC color is watermelon.  In my mind watermelon runs a gambit of colors so I used artistic license while picking out the colors for my blocks.  

 Crown and Stars
The Moda Love Layer Cake quilt I was not quite settled with and thought it needed something.  I had about 16 blocks left because I had wanted a certain look for the quilt and had supplemented from my stash of Mamma Said Sew.  
 Those left over layer cake pieces plus 5 more 10 inch pieces from the yardage and background fabric,  I had made a nice 5 inch piano key border all the way around. I have tried to get pictures of this quilt without minion assistance.  The barn door would not hold my tacks. UGH!  I grabbed pants hangers and used the play structure, which of course at this time in the morning had a lot of sun and shadows on the side I needed to use.  

 Of course about the time I would try to snap a pic, the wind would come up, the quilt would drop off the hanger into a heap on the ground.  I ended up bunching the top part of the quilt in the hangers to make it stay long enough to get a picture. 

I have been working on sewing on the binding of the swirly birdies, after several days of drama making the label.  I will share that ordeal when I show the finished quilt.

Since I finished the Swirly Birdies quilting I figured I should pull something else out of the pile of quilt, so I thought what a great time to do a charity quilt. 

I think simple organic lines going diagonal following the triangles will be good. 

Are you staying cool this summer?


  1. The high heat and humidity has lessened here, thank goodness. Hopefully it will in your area soon. Trying to hang quilts and take pictures is a pain at the best of times.

  2. I like the addition of the piano border. Our summer hasn't been too bad yet. Thank goodness.

  3. LOVE your Moda Love quilt. so much so I er, um pulled some 10 inch blocks in blues and greens (surprised?) and even ALMOST convinced Jackie to pull some too. Its a quilt for US I told her. We can do this quickly I told her. Then I went to church to confession hee hee
    I am hoping to make one for me for my bed and I hope Jackie joins me by making one for her bed. we will see........... hopefully it will be cool enough in my screen room tomorrow to sew


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