Friday, June 3, 2016


After cleaning out the MIL basement there was a lot of stuff which had to be taken to the dump (water damage, sewage damage from the flood).  But there were some things which were high and dry, that she did not want anymore, and those came back to our house to sort.  You can see that haul at this post.

While sorting through totes of stuff the MIL did not want I came across this pretty lacy table cloth.
It has a couple of small holes and a light stain of some sort.

I washed it and bleached it. Measured it and cut it in half, and created a fold for a curtain rod. Obviously I didn't cut really straight but DH doesn't seem to mind.  I keep telling him take it down and I will fix it.

My next attempt at repurposing.

I told DH that I wanted to grow sweet potatoes again.  The last time we created a raised bed.  I planted the slips and they grew like crazy, but when I went to harvest the voles had ate them.  My bright idea was how about some planters.  While I liked the idea of using the galvanized water troughs, they are a bit spendy.  So option 2.  How about an old bathtub.  I no more than told DH that I wanted a tub and what appeared in the garbage pit at work but this old, what was once upon a time, claw foot tub-sans claws.  

I took it into the barn, flipped it over to try to remove the dirt, paint and grime.  I got to use a wire wheel on an angle grinder.  As I was working I remembered this skit on David Letterman.

I got all the old paint, rust and gook off, and yep there were sparks flying, and no I did not get my hair caught in it nor did I wear the metal bra but it gives you an idea of the sparks that fly.

After it was all smooth, we applied a coat of aged copper Rustoleum spray paint.

The inside is kind of dirty, but it is a planter anyway.  I have my sweet potato slips planted and they are starting to take off.

DH found several bowling balls in the pit at work.  A coat of spray paint left over from our pinewood derby race car paints, and I have a pretty nifty and resilient garden gazing ball.
It is in my herb garden, the sage is going crazy this year and blooming, and the anise hyssop is all over the place.  I may have to sacrifice some new growth for the sake of my herb garden space!

Finally I have several of these that are part of a cultivator.  DH painted one for me and put it up the other day.
I think it needs a brown or black center.  I cannot commit yet though.

Finally I do have a quilt flimsy finish.
With my two helpers and the play fort this is my bag lady quilt from guild that was worked on last year.  I ended up with 25 blocks including the focus fabric.  I thought about making a border, but just couldn't find something I liked so decided that this was the way it was going to be.  I have family visiting for a couple of weeks so probably not a whole lot of sewing will be going on.  My parents and two of my grand daughters to entertain and help wrangle Finn. 


  1. Some great repurposing, and a cute quilt top.

    like your sweet tater growing idea--my basil is in a pot in our front garden and seems to like it to get a cherry tomato or two and some for dinner tomorrow-so clean-up and cooking ahead casserole today...hope your company is fun...hugs, Julierose

  3. Your repurposing ideas are terrific. Love the old tub for a planter and the bowling ball.

    Yeah for the pretty flimsy. Have fun with your company.

  4. I love your new lawn art, I think I am going to make my husband work at the dump so I can get some of the great stuff you get. The old tub is a great idea, I'll need to keep my out for one.

  5. love your repurposing and you have cute quilt holders
    sweet potatoes sound fun to grow

  6. You bag lady quilt turned out great! Congratulations on finishing it. Lots of wonderful repurposing! I bet the kids are loving that play fort!

  7. So glad your mom is visiting. Love your flimsy. Love your tub

  8. You are amazing, always creating such treasures! Your new curtain looks gorgeous! Love your quilt and especially the way the picture is taken!

  9. What great repurposing. Especially the bowling ball and cultivator in the garden. Great stuff! The new net curtain looks so lovely. I can't see it isn't straight. Enjoy your company. We have just been away for the long weekend here with family and friends - such fun!

  10. You are really creative to restore old things! The lace looks so gentle. I can imagine how wonderful will look sweet potato )))

  11. busy garden gal! I love the idea of using an old bathtub for potatoes!

  12. Can I come to your house for a week? You do such fun things and I'm always amazed at what you accomplish. I threw out a lace tablecloth like that because of a stain. Darn! Look how cute that looks in the window! Bathtubs, bowling balls, and a them all.


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