Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Wrap Up for RSC

I made it across the finish line by the skin of my teeth when it came to finishing my blocks in green for the RSC.

All of the blocks together.
Twisted Blossom

All of the twisted blossoms together.
Green Foxes

All the foxes.
Saw toothed Square

All of the Saw Toothed Squares
Crown and Star
All of my Crown and star blocks.

I am linking up to the end of the month RSC at Soscrappy.


  1. You are sure going to have some beautiful quilts with these blocks!

  2. loving all your blocks. so much so I bought the pattern for the fox. love that twisted blossom too. I have not even started on my green for RSC. oh well, hopefully after this reunion I will have time to catch up. time is a flyin....

  3. Lots of great rainbow goodness! I have been enjoying a few days with Evan since school is out...no sewing getting done at all!!

  4. You always have such fun blocks going on there. I really love that blossom one (I say that each month), but the Navajo is great too.

  5. Amazing blocks you've been adding to each month on RSC--they will be
    amazing quilts....great work hugs, Julierose

  6. Those are going to gorgeous! You do such pretty work!

  7. Love all your blocks. Such great work

  8. Your blocks are so awesome! Love those foxes!

  9. Those foxes are adorable. I think I like the green ones the best. I really love the crown and star block too. It's on my bucket list for someday!


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