Friday, May 13, 2016

Not Much Sew to Show

Do you ever sew, sew, and sew, but really don't have much to show for what you have been doing?  My last couple of weeks have seemed that way.

I managed to get Allietare, and Farmer's Wife all sewn together. Now it is time for borders! 

I worked on the Saw tooth square block, and got it finished for the May RSC color which is green.
 I also completed the Crown and Star block for May done.
I need to work on finishing some quilts for the guild show in October, and the guild challenge....but then I got distracted.

Rebecca at Quilting Everyday showed a BOM that she had discovered called Westering Women from Barbara Brackman's blog Civil War Quilts. Along with a block each month she provides a short history lesson about the great westward migration in the United States during the 1800's.  Growing up on the west coast at the end of the Oregon Trail that is the first history we learned in school, and even though it was over 150 years ago there are still places where you can see wheel ruts and tree scars from wagons. 

Have you ever purchased a set of fabric but never found the "perfect project" to use it in?  I had a set of fabrics which I had purchase several years ago.  I think the line was called Rhubarb and Ginger  by Blackbird Designs for Moda. 

I think I need to add some solids, but I have quite the grouping of prints. 

January's  block is called Independence Square. I am 3 blocks behind, but I had to join because  I think this will be the perfect fabric to use for this project. 

I know I don't have much sew to show, but it isn't like I haven't been doing anything at all.

DH and I removed all the Christmas Decorations from the tree in the lifting him up in the bucket of the tractor. 

I planted boysenberries, garlic, a few flowers, lettuce, cabbage, repotted some of my tomatoes and have been trying to harden them off so they can be outside when it stops getting cold (they are living in the garage and coming out during the day in a wagon).  I still have a bunch in the sun room as well as pumpkins.  The tomatoes I may have to plant into larger pots.  I  also prepared some pots and containers for flowers on the porch, and lots of weeding.  I also have a fuzzy group to watch that are occupying the sun room. 
I remember the first time I talked about getting chicks, DH forbade me from bringing them into the house....he was not going to have farm animals in the house!  They are living on the sun porch for a few days until their new house is prepared with electricity, and it warms up a wee bit outside they are only a couple of days old, and they are so small they cannot reach their feeder with the top on it. Now the sleep in it, who would have thought that your food tray was a comfy place to sleep? 


  1. Lots of great blocks there, and aren't the chicks cute? The only trouble with them is they grow up to be hens and cockerels!

  2. Kinda like housework--you do a lot and nothing shows lol!! I like what you're doing with those "found" fabrics--very pretty....hugs, Julierose

  3. Your blocks look wonderful. You are ahead of me with sewing!!! ;-)

    Love those little chicks. They will grow up quickly and reach that food in no time at all.

  4. Such cute chicks. I remember hatching chicks in an incubator in the classroom one year. Great fun! The children were fascinated. Noisy little things.

  5. Love the baby chicks! I work on two many can't get any finished to

  6. It would be hard not to bring baby animals into the house to take care of them.

  7. I totally understand your sewing but nothing to show. A lot of what I'm making is for future posts so it can't be shown yet. Ugh! It looks like I'm being lazy...okay, maybe I am a little. LOL Love the little chicks!

  8. Your blocks are just beautiful! I had started Westering women but got sidetracked...may have to try again thanks to your inspiration!


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