Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why Are Weekends So Short?

I remember back when I worked a real job, weekends were much too short.  Now that I don't work, other than to take care of the kids, it seems like they go by even faster. 

Saturday and Sunday were the big sale where I was going to get rid of the stuff we reclaimed from the MIL basement. Here is just a small idea of all the stuff we hauled to the sale which came out of the MIL basement.  I am of the opinion that my MIL's theory of crafting was "Go Big or Go Home!"

This doesn't even show the roll of polyfil batting that I sold since the guild did not want to use it when I tried to donate it.  Yep I sold a $200 bat for !Gasp! $20.  I have 2 rolls of batting at home, and about a dozen queen batting in bags which I bought on sale a couple of years ago, so I just could not justify keeping it.  I did keep a large tote of scraps and some pieces which were about the size of lap quilts though.
I actually finished a couple of little things and put them in the sale too.  Like this towel that just needed a button.
Saturday dawned, cold and damp feeling.  We took our time getting over to set up.  Then the wind picked up and it was chilly.  The sale was slow and we sold only about $100 worth of items, and we packed it up by 3 pm, just as the rain started.  Saturday night it rained hard, and I thought for sure it would end up being a wash for the sale, and the rummage sale next door at the speedway.  But I was wrong.  DH managed to sell almost all of the craft stuff, plus the stuff we accumulated so hardly any of it came home, or went to the landfill!  We also traded a little old lawn tractor that someone had gifted to the hubby (yep it worked and it was from the 60's) for 4 vintage patio chairs, which are better made than almost anything you can buy at the stores. ( I know I have been pricing some from everywhere)!

I have continued my saga of the fabric boxes and bins.
These are the 2nd set of fabric that was over a yard which I wrap on the comic book boards.  I bet if I stacked all of it I would have over 4 feet high in these bolts. 

Quite the pile huh?  There are some cute seasonal prints in there, and a couple of the pieces were over 8 yards long.

 I also found a couple of  (what I think) are super cute dresden plates.  I am thinking about taking them apart, cleaning them up, and making a quilt out of them.
Here are more which are cut out and the cardboard template too.  What is funny is that it doesn't really fit any of my wedge rulers in size.....so I will get them to a consistent usable size.

And another bag full of dresdens.  There was a plastic template in the bag with these. 

I have also managed to fill up my 2 1/2 in, 2, in, 1 1/2 in strip bins to the point they are overflowing.  And of course another pile of tumblers.

I think I am at the point where I am going to condense the totes and boxes as best I can so I can get back to some sewing.  I need to get a few quilts finished for the guild show in October...which means quilting.  I also have to get my challenge quilt going, and of course with May comes the beginning of lots of outdoor work.  Of course there is the RSC it is green this month, it was described as pine green or evergreen.  We will see how I do.  


  1. I love using the comic book boards. I'm running out of shelf space to store all my fabric (and I still have a dozen plastic buckets in the basement). Love the Dresdens. I have some around here somewhere.

  2. Oh I do agree about those dresdens--they are super cute fabrics--I used cardboard templates (from cereal boxes), as when I first began to quilt, there were no --or not many--plastic templates like we have today--pencil tracing and scissor cutting....certainly slower, but maybe in some ways, easier on the hands....hugs, julierose

  3. I am a big fan of the comic book boards :) I have a mini quilt shop around here with all my tiny bolts! A really good way to display on the way to using the stash! Hope you are seeing the peek of sun that we have this afternoon, very cheery after the dreary!

  4. love that fabric, you can quilt for years with it.

  5. Why are weekends so short when the work week is so long? Congratulations on the yard sale! Love the Dresdens. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. Awesome amount of fabric to add to your stash! Well done hubby selling all the craft stuff - keep him on!. Love, love the dresdens, reckon definitely worth keeping and making something from.

  7. I've never seen comic book boards. Where do you find them? Those Dresdens are worth holding on to!

  8. I am glad the sale went well even though you had a bit of a rocky start. I just can't get over how much fabric you have added to your stash from your MIL boxes. Lots of great backing fabrics. Love those Dresdens, such great fabrics in them!


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