Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dragging My Feet

I have been humming right along, well kind of sort of.....OK Maybe not really humming, maybe slogging, trudging, dragging my feet.  But I am making progress.  S- L- O -W- L -Y!

I did get my bag lady block done for the month right away so I won't be stressed the day or two before quilt guild meeting.
I thought there was an interesting selection of fabrics in this bag to use.  Love the soft pink/green fabric, but not a fan of the lavender with the pink, fuchsia, and green dots.  The instructions in the bag requested that the pink/green be used as the background though.

I also did a quick smash and grab through my stash and found the fabrics for the friendship block.

The guild fabrics were the black and whites we were supposed to add purple, blue or aqua.  I think my choices were alright, and I used some fabrics from a fat quarter bundle that I won in a blog hop a couple of years ago.  I love the Island Batiks! 

I also managed to get these little babies all trimmed up, resewn, and ironed, only to find that I have weird numbers of everything.

 Before can see that the block seems to be totally random. 

Some I only have one or two (like the periwinkle flower on the lower right row, and the paisley 2nd in from the left on the top row), and others I have 15-20, yet I only have enough blades to make 6 Dresdens.  I already decided that I am only going to make 5, have an idea what I am going to mount it on for the background.  Now the next question, should I see if I can match something from my stash and make a few more blades to add to the mix?  After digging through the 1 1/2 totes of fabric I have left from the MIL hoard  stash there is nothing that matches these, other than the yellow ditzy daisy on the far left bottom row and I have more than enough of those!

  I did find these two in the totes.  But when I put them near the others I don't think they look quite right for a couple of reasons.
I think the scale on the bottom print is too small, whereas the upper print the flower scale is similar. 
Yet  I think because the majority of the fabrics have a white, or cream background that it doesn't really go either.  But then maybe I should take the psychedelic blue/pink/green out also.  I think I will sleep on it and go from there. 

I am dragging my feet as always when it comes to getting projects done that I have basically designed, whether it is the layout, or the quilt.  Especially when I am melding different designs together.  Today I decided I just need to jump in and work on it.  I came up with a design, then drew it out, then started cutting.
And sewing.
Tomorrow will be much more cutting.  Maybe I will have more to show too! 


  1. I find it very difficult to match or find a fabric to go with very old prints--if I put more modern fabrics with them they don't look like they really fit if I want it to have that old-timey flavor...that's a tough one....hugs, Julierose

  2. LOL! Don't be hard on yourself...this summer I plan to take any WIP I've started and don't want to finish and do um, something with them...and move on! LOL!!

  3. Love your block. You may have to shop, horrow!

  4. looks to me like those two fabrics would go. I would take out that blue one and replace with the florals to keep the same kind of flavor and mount on either bleached or unbleached muslin for an old fashioned kind of quilt. that would be my style.
    but what would they look like on that bubblegum pink? or that green that was used back then? hmmmmmmmm

  5. If you think this is dragging your feet then I'm at a total standstill. With the sick boy now home with his mom and dad, I should reach your level of dragging my feet and sew something today. He had a lung infection and finally broke his fever five days later. It was a very long week and scary for me!


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