Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 More Days in May!

May is flying by!  I looked at the calendar and realized this morning it was the 26th already, and I still have 2 more RSC blocks to do!  I do have my fabrics for both blocks chosen.
The 4 on the bottom are the one I cut up from my stash to use.  The 5 on top  I am auditioning for the twisted blossom.  The fabric for the Navajo block was a simple choice.

I also found another quilt start in the MIL's boxes.  There are 36 strips of 6 blocks each in 6 different layouts all together, at least that is what I have found.  I need to finish going through those two last totes and get them packed up and put away for now at least, maybe I will find some more.  
 Back in November I shared the blocks that I received from the guild for the Bag Lady group. 
To me 9 is a weird number.  I worked on a layout and decided I needed 4 more (yeah like 13 isn't a weird number too!)
I finally got brave and after buying 4 different blues to use as sashing and cornerstones started working on finishing up the quilt top.  The fabrics are all Moda Grunge and I purchased them in March when it was the Basic of the Month from Fat Quarter Shop.  Yep 1 yard of each- the color names were Cobalt, Sky, Picnic and Sea.   
I kept auditioning with my other fabrics and finally chose one.
And started sewing cornerstones,
 and sashing.
Once I started sewing, of course I waffled and decided I didn't like my original plan so I added a few more blocks, then realized that I did not have enough of the blue, nor did I know which color blue I used since the color numbers are not marked in the selvedge. I ordered Sea and it was correct!  I managed to get one row done so far. 
Of course when I ordered I had to check out the basic of the month at Fat Quarter Shop and it was mini pearl bracelets so I picked up some!

Yellow, red and bright pink! 

It has been a busy morning for Finn and I.  We went to the car dealership, the car has a wheel hub going out, but of course they say there is nothing wrong.  We then went to the grocery store, and were home by 9 am.  A load of soil was brought in, and it isn't even noon yet!  Maybe since Finn is occupied I can get some more sewing accomplished or something accomplished!  Dishes, laundry, find my remote for the garage so I can vacuum my car out......


  1. I like those "basic" grunge blues--they are really nice and textured--sounds like a busy day...hugs,

  2. and when are you going to sew?
    Love all those blues

  3. Yum, those are some great stash enhancements! Stay dry, looks like the rain is coming in here...

  4. Yes....where has May gone? I love those blue and yellow blocks - one of my favorite color combinations.

  5. You are busy! Funny you don't like 9 blocks - I love it as a starting point. I have to say I seem to have lost May somewhere too. It got busy visiting a friend in the South Island with liver cancer and then a week in Tauranga as Miss H was sick. So that was 2 weeks out of the month. Love the colour of the blues and yellows.

  6. I can't believe how fast May has gone. Love your basics of the month choices. Your blues are so pretty.


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