Monday, May 23, 2016

Shake a Tail Feather

The weather is getting warmer, which means much more outside time for the minions and I.  To ramp up for our summer fun DH and I have been busy. 

See our rope swing?  It is attached to a branch about 30 feet in the air. 

Luckily we could borrow a truck because we feared we could have made a video of stupid redneck tricks with our first attempt with a tractor and extension ladder. 

Can you tell it is loved by everyone? 

We were also fortunate enough to be the recipients of a play fort from one of DH coworkers, the only condition?  Come and get it. 

DH and I worked on getting it placed in the just the right spot most of the day Saturday.
We married it to our original play fort with the two slides.  We used the tunnel which at one time attached to a climbing wall/ladder from the newly acquired play structure.  We will soon have 3 slides, 3 big swings, a baby swing, trapeze, climbing wall, teeter totter, and a tandem swing.  That does not include the super cool rope swing! 

Also the new little girls needed to move to their new home.

We got this little playhouse for free, it was getting dumped in the garbage pit at DH work.  We cleaned it out, scrubbed it out, ran some electric and put bedding down.  Frankly it was time, the little ladies were getting smelly. It is amazing how quickly they went from this.
To this.
See those feathers, even tail feathers.

Sunday morning I went in to check on them, and we seem to have become a wasp/yellow jacket house overnight.  Poor little things were all crowded into 1 foot square area staying away from the monsters.  We scooped them back out and back into the farmhouse they went.  DH sprayed all the cracks and crevices to get rid of the buzzy monsters.  We will have to remove all the bedding and scrub down the insides to get all the poison out of the building again. 

The few moments I get I weed flower beds a bit.  We haven't had a chance to plant our garden yet, but my porch plants are looking good.
I bought 2 tomatoes.  One grape tomato and one slicing tomato.  The grape tomato plant is on the porch, and look I have blossoms!  OK the tomato plant has blossoms.

I put a couple of cabbage seeds in a whiskey barrel and I have some sprouts, and a lot of weeds coming up too.  I also have a couple of kinds of lettuce, and romaine coming up in another planter near the porch. 

I will be able to make some more chive blossom vinegar.  Hope I can get at least a quart.
I will have a lot of strawberries, the plants were loaded with blossoms, and even the wild strawberries in the field are loaded.  DH was forbidden from mowing the field at least that area.  I get 1 acre which is my bird/bee/butterfly sanctuary/habitat. 

We have also been wrangling these little ones.  We try to keep them from attempting to cross our road to the "other pond", but the ducks and geese like to go between the ponds, which results in squished fowl and I am not a fan of cleaning them up. 

I have a couple of hours free this morning before Finn will want to venture outside so I better shake a tail feather so I can get a little sewing done.


  1. My grandsons would got nuts over the swing and the it!

  2. love the video, need it to get me going today

  3. The rope swino looks fun, and I bet the fort is popular.

  4. Looks like some fun times :) We have been soaking in the sun the last couple days...I heard a nasty rumor it might get rainy again in a coupla days :(

  5. You sure have been busy--great fort..and swing...hugs, Julierose

  6. You have a kids paradise with the fort and tunnel and swings and slides. Your place looks beautiful.

  7. You get the best deals on things!

  8. What a brilliant fort. How cool to join it with the existing fort and build a super one! The kids will love it! And how lucky are the little chicks to get their new home minus those horrid wasps.

  9. Hubby built a play tower (his design) way back when we lived in Tulsa. We took it apart and moved it here. Years ago, when my boys outgrew it, we took it apart, and hauled it to the neighbors. They've moved, but, it's still in their old backyard, and being used by a new family. Glad your grands will be enjoying all the playtime fun.

  10. I wanna come swing at your house and play with the chickies.......
    the grands will have a great time out there!

  11. That looks like it will make a great coop once the bad guests are gone.

  12. What a wonderful play area you have created for the kiddies! And that swing is awesome!


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