Friday, March 3, 2017

Ocean Wave QAL 3

Not a whole lot new going on with this one.  I am still sewing, cutting, trimming.  I haven't even made a whole block yet!  Just parts.

I did have to break down and get a larger bin to lay out my parts so the cat would quilt knocking the pile off onto the floor.

I had this bright idea I would get 5 blocks ready.  I sewed all the rows together.  Then went to press them and got distracted and ended up getting them out of order.  Lets just say I could not get them back together the right way, without having duplicates.

After a couple of hours of trying I gave it up and decided I would just make more rows.  I ended up making 9 of the units total, so I had enough pieces to make 3 whole blocks all together.
No  I haven't sewn my blocks together.  I think this will be a WIP and I will make all of the sub units so I can move them around before I decide on the final layout.  Just a few more blocks and I will be ready to put it together (132). 

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  1. love it. this is on my to do list.........someday
    after the deer quilt, and the red quilt, and the 1600 race quilt, and the christmas panel quilt..........and LOL


  2. Oh this is so beautiful--love your color choices, Rheema--hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh wow! Sure love what I see!

  4. Oh yes! I have done that! So frustrating too, because I think I have everything organized just right to sew. Your blocks are so pretty!

  5. This is going to be gorgeous!!!! I want to make one of these one day .... If "one day" ever gets here, I'm sure going to be busy considering all the projects I have on that to do list LOL!!!

  6. Love your fabric colors. She is very pleasing to the eye. Blessings!


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