Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bag Lady 2017

I missed my guild meeting in February because I had pneumonia.  I was kind of bummed because the meeting was the one where you had to sign up for the bag lady group.  (Bag lady is you choose a block and at least 4 yards of fabric.  Each month you get a new bag with someone else's fabric and you make your block which you chose from their fabrics.)  I wanted to make a red, white and blue quilt this time, and had been looking for a pattern and fabric.

Imagine my excitement when the lady running the group called me a few days ago and asked if I still wanted to participate?  Well heck yeah I did.  But I didn't have a pattern or fabric, she said that was alright we weren't going to start until March anyway.  I jumped online and finally decided on this group of fabrics and ordered them.

Today I decided I better choose a pattern and get my beginning block made.

It is just a simple Ohio Star block made with 4 fabrics and I will say that I think this block went together so easy it was amazing.  This is only a 9 1/2 inch block 9 inch finished.

You can read more about my bag lady quilts here these are the blocks for 2016.  No I haven't finished my quilt yet.  Then there is the completed one from my blocks in 2015 which you can see here.  I enjoy the bag lady quilts and it is so fun to have something that may be outside of my normal comfort zone.


  1. Nice block. My little guild did a box exchange, a few years ago, kinda like your bag exchange, except that some had different blocks to choose from, or, were trying to finish old UFO's. I've never finished that project, either. One of these days.....

  2. What a gorgeous block you made! Sounds like a great program. Glad you made it in!

  3. Lovely block--sounds like a nice group--glad they included you while you were waylaid with pneumonia....I hope you are getting better each day...
    hugs, Julierose

  4. Looks like a great start :) I miss guild, we stopped going when gas prices went up as it is 40 minutes away.

  5. Oh yeah!! I know you were disappointed to have missed it. The block looks beautiful.

  6. Love your fabric, I have some with stars that says 2000. A little old. Great block


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