Monday, February 27, 2017

Economic Upturn

I have been helping the economy a lot since I have been ill.

I have been trying to find fabrics which would look good in the RSC blocks Saw Toothed Square.

There is an orange, but I am not too sure of it, a poison green, some grays, blues, pinks, I think it will all look good in the quilt.  I don't think aqua, or lime green were common colors pre 1900. 

 I got a stack of Flow by Zen Chic in Orange in 1/2 yard cuts on sale, I love paying only $18 for 3 yards of good quilt fabric. 

I knew I had one more set of microwave bowl cozies to make and I know my daughter loves sunflowers and also love Van Gogh.  I think these will make wonderful microwave bowl cozies for her and her family. 

 I got this very sweet fat quarter bundle of Strawberry Fields Revisited by Joann Figueroa of Fig Tree & Company.  Seriously could you pass up this fat quarter bundle for less than $14.
I also scooped these two from the same shop.  You can't see it but the white is a tone on tone.

I also purchased a couple of cones of Superior threads bottom line thread.  I love using it in my bobbins, and since I am constantly changing thread stands back and forth, I also picked up one of their thread stands so now I don't have to move my thread stand constantly when I switch machines.

I also have purchased some patterns.  I saw this as a kit a few years ago and loved the colors, one of those times where I wished I had just bit the bullet and bought the kit.  Simple quilt, I think the colors are what makes it so cool.

I also bought some patterns from Buttermilk Basin.  I love the trucks and purchased the ones that I really liked and would want to make.

January 26th was DH and my 4th anniversary.  Life was a bit out of control so it was hard to do anything special.  Down the road was an Estate Sale, he went to check it out and brought me this home.

Love all the wooden spools!  Those are hard to come by anymore.  He also found a small Olfa Cutting mat in excellent condition. 

I also won this sweet book from Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting when she was a blogger during the  I Love Precut Quilts  blog hop. 

I have thumbed through the book.  I see lots of possibilities. 

Finally I didn't purchase this, it was sent to me by my mom for my birthday.  Mom has started FMQ and the ladies she quilts with swear by these chaco liners.

I think they will be a neat tool to use. 

Do you think my shopping has helped the economic upturn?


  1. Good on you keeping the economy going!! (We may joke but it is needed - imagine if we all stopped buying fabric, they'd stop producing it!!) It looks like you have some really lovely things there, plenty to keep you sewing for a while! How sweet of DH to go shopping for you - a nice find with the wooden spools!

  2. Happy belated anniversary! I think between you and I the economy is going to make an upturn really fast LOL
    your fabrics and tools are all a great find.

  3. You are certainly doing your part lol...I LOVE that rhubarb pie pattern--you know me and anything made of squares...great colors,,,Happy Anniversary...
    the sunflowers are just lovely--Tres Van Gogh-ish for sure...
    hugs, Julierose

  4. Love your trucks :) I have been giving those patterns "the eye" too! I have only bought one so far though.

  5. A very Happy Anniversary! You are certainly doing you part to help the economy! Lots of lovely fabrics there and I like the patterns you got too.

  6. Chaco liners are great! I use them all the time. It was so valiant of you to support the economy! I'm trying to do my part as well!
    Pugs and kisses,

  7. I have a t-shirt that says: I'm not buying fabric, it's a bailout of the textile industry.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Love how you are helping the economy! Great fabrics!


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