Thursday, February 23, 2017

Catching Up

I have had a lot going on and if I blogged about it all at once, this post would go on F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Let's start with the AU passed away on February 8, but before he did he kind of ran DH and I ragged for a couple of weeks before we eventually put him in the hospital.  Then we were at the hospital every day dealing  with him, and eventually hospice.  I ran so much that I ended up with pneumonia.  After a couple of trips to the ER, and a visit by the local paramedics I am feeling better.  I think me being ill helped the AA adjust to the new status of her life.

I didn't sew for several days, yes I was that sick!  But I am getting back to normal.  When I look back at my recent posts I realized there is a lot that I haven't shared and it has been over 2 weeks since my last post.

I will start with my attempt at getting some Christmas presents done before December 24th.

Microwave bowl holders.  I shared my initial attempts here. I finished all of them.  Two with the green looking roses and gray chevrons, and two with gray roses and green chevrons.

I then saw Barbara's bowl cozies at Wont-to-be Quilter and loved her fabric.  I found some on Ebay, and made a set of 4 for another daughter's Christmas.  They are huge baseball fans. 

I have one more set to do for another daughter, I have fabric ordered, and I decided I wanted a set for me too. 
This is the fabric which I am going to use to make mine.  The flowers have little aqua dots and I love the chicks. I am thinking of using an aqua for the inside.

I will say I was so ill I didn't go to guild this month, and I didn't even finish up my guild block until the day of the guild meeting and it was touch and go, because I was that ill.

I will turn it in anyway the next meeting and it will be given to whomever won the blocks that night.  I will be playing catch up, cause I will be behind March's block, so next meeting I will have March and April to do.  Oh my!

Finally I got some fun mail from my Valentine JulieRose at JulieRoseQuilts.  Talk about bringing a smile to my face and making me feel so much better.

It is a wonderful mug rug, love the black and white print, and the polka dots, and oh heck!  I just love all of it.  Thank you so much JulieRose.

I have other things to show but perhaps in a later post, I have a chicken house to move tonight! 


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the AU. I hope the AA is doing okay. And I am so sorry to hear how sick you have been! I am hoping this blog post means you are feeling better. It is so easy to get ill when you have so much going on and you are not getting enough rest. Love the microwave bowl holders! What a great idea.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss and your illness. I'm glad you are feeling better and are starting to sew again. Your bowls look great and I've been thinking I may need some too. Keep feeling better!

  3. So sorry for your families' loss and your struggle with pneumonia, glad to see you are moving about again and getting some things sewn. It always makes me feel better when I take a turn at the sewing machine - I can tell it works that way for you too!

  4. Hope you are recovered now. Never fun being sick, but, you had your hands full while sick, even worse. Sorry for the loss. Glad AA is with you now. If they hadn't moved in, it could have been much worse for everyone. I got the batting for the bowls, now to find the time (and pattern, which is missing) to start making them.

  5. I was wondering why your blog has been so quiet. I'm sorry to hear about all you have been through. I hope you continue to improve. Don't overdo it and go back into a secondary infection. Sorry to hear about AU. I wish AA well in her new adjustment. Thank goodness you had them with you so they got the necessary help.

  6. so sorry for your loss. love your bowls. glad you are feeling better.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear your AU passed away, but it sounds like he (and your family) went through quite a bit until the end. He was lucky to have you take care of him and the AA. I'm glad you're feeling better enough to sew...sounds like it was a scary bout of pneumonia! Take care my sweet friend!


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