Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I Like #47

Thank you LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging me to write and get back into blogging last year.  When life gets you down it is hard to stay that way when you are actively looking for things that you like, love, or bring a smile to your face. 

I went out to dinner one night and I saw the cement outside of the restaurant with these leaf imprints and thought they were pretty cool.

It has been cold here and the water is frozen over.  My little pond has a pretty thick layer of ice on it.  I am not too sure if one of the boys broke it or after the freeze, thaw cycle it just has done this.

We have a joke going around about squirrels.  When I was in high school a teacher used to call me squirrel.  I think it was because I always had tons of ideas going all the time.  Then we saw the movie UP and Doug the dog.

When I would get off task Jeff would call me squirrel.  My middle daughter and her family live in downtown Portland, and the kids put peanuts on the window ledge of their apartment.  Becca calls them urban rats, she really dislikes them.  So imagine my delight in an opportunity to torture one of my children with this dog toy.

Unfortunately this one's squeaker was broken.

I have a tough time getting in the Christmas spirit.  I will take tags off of the angel trees, help pack food boxes, but when it comes to my home it is tough.  My first step was to go buy a wreath.

I had the nursery add juniper and pine to it.  It reminds me of home.  I loved the gingham ribbon too.

Imagine my delight one cold morning when I opened the door to this frost craze.

Yep that wreath caused this.

Finally I broke down and instead of going and unpacking all of the Christmas stuff in the attic I bought a tiny tree, ornaments and lights.

I felt in a red mood this year.  I didn't like the lights that came on the tree so I bought a multipack of rice lights and put them on the tree.  These are battery operated.  I just love the white lights. 

Now head on over to LeeAnna's and see what others like on Thursdays.


  1. Lots to like my friend. Er I mean squirrel. Your wreath is beautiful and how cool to see a frosty rendition on the door. Squirrel toy is cute and I just love your little tree. Reminds me of one my Gram gave me many years ago. I LOVED having it in my room

  2. The wreath is beautiful and I love red decor, especially at Christmas. That little tree is perfect. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!

  3. Pretty little tree--just enough to give you a little lift on these cold gray days with those little lights; we are very spare in our decorations this year...just the little table top prelit trees...and my new blue fairy lights....
    Holidays can bring so many memories to the forefront--sending warm wishes and prayers and hugs...Julierose

  4. the wreath is so beautiful... great job! It can stay up through the winter to welcome you home. That pond is frozen! The little tree is a great idea and red is lifting. You are making a life, despite the losses, and it's a good one. Squirrel.

  5. What a sweet tree! little steps, girl. I also love that wreath-I'll bet is smells wonderful. Happy thoughts being sent your way. mary

  6. The only reason we have a tree up this year is because our son put it up, with lights. No ornaments this year (I'm the one that has to unpack them then repack them after the holiday). I did pull out some Christmas placemats yesterday, that a friend made several years ago. I usually over decorate.

  7. We decorate very little at our house, too...We force ourselves to do it and it gets easier, but I never will be one to go whole hog in the decorating. Less is more in my book.

  8. PS, I am so glad you blog regularly...I may not comment every time, but I am reading...

  9. Hi Colette! You are not the only one struggling to get in the spirit of the holidays this year. Your wreath is beautiful, and nothing beats the smell does it?!! And your little tree is sweet. I love white lights, too. {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. Happy Happy day to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. I think a tiny tree is the perfect way to have a little Christmas, but not too much. Yours is really pretty! We have a ton of squirrels around here, and they are both annoying and entertaining! Love the squirrel toy!

  11. I just do a little bit here and there , just can't get into the spirit

  12. What a pretty white & red tree! Oh, I bet it smells so good every time you open your front door with that wreath. Ice and frost are always so interesting and make for such pretty pictures.

  13. The little tree is cute. And the wreath looks so nice on the door. I really like your frosty photos. That sidewalk is really neat!

  14. Cute tree and gorgeous wreath with the best suited bow ever. Our pond is frozen over now and has a couple inches of snow on it so we can walk on it and also see what else walks on it overnight.
    Every little bit helps.

  15. I don't put up a big tree anymore. I did put out most of my Santas, angels, and snowmen this year, but I don't always. I do miss seeing my favorite ornaments which are boxed in the attic. I have several table top trees and they are enough to get in the spirit. I also just went back and read the chicken post. Too funny. Enjoy a peaceful (or maybe pieceful) Christmas.


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