Thursday, August 29, 2019

What I Did on Summer Vacation

Remember back in the day when you had to write a short article on what you did for summer vacation?  Well if you remember my I Like Thursday post #69 I shared that I had a summer visitor, my grand daughter Aubri.  She arrived on June 16th and on July 15th we headed west to take her home.  Aubri is a reluctant traveler, but once on the road she was great.

I shared that we stopped at Lincoln's Cabin in my previous post.  The next day we headed across Kansas,  toward  the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site near Eads, Colorado.
I thought it was neat that they had a flag with 35 stars from that era. 

The park ranger was really great, but oh the biting flies!  We didn't walk the paths as much as we wanted just because of those little blood thirsty boogers.

This plaque shares information about two soldiers who were so disgusted with what went on that they refused to fire and later reported the actions to a commander. 

There was a monument with sweet grass bracelets, and other trinkets that have been left.

The gully you see is where the attack took place.  You can read more about it here.

Territorial Governor John Evans, and an explanation why the massacre took place.
Some of those killed at Sand Creek are now being buried here. 

This is the area that last September when I was on my way home I saw the trees full of butterflies.

We drove on to Pueblo, Colorado for the night.

The next morning we were up bright and early to drive west more.  I saw this sign and it made me giggle.

As we wound our way through the lower part of Colorado, we stopped at The 4 Corners monument.

The line of people are waiting to stand on all 4 corners for their pictures.  Aubri didn't want to do it, so we just took a quick pictures of the 4 corners and walked around the booths.  I purchased a couple of sand paintings, and a couple of pots. 

There was a lot of driving involved for our day 2 and 3. 


  1. I'll say that was a whole lot of miles to cover...but what neat sites you've gotten to visit...wonderful little videos...hugs Julierose

  2. Thank you for sharing your trips with us. I sttod on the 4 corners plaque in the 70's!!

  3. SO great to see parts of the country I will never get to visit. A road trip like this will be a wonderful memory for Aubri, I'm sure.

  4. You are a good traveler stopping at cool places you find along the way. Making memories with Aubri. Thats the coolest

  5. I am now a blogger Watch out now for weird messages!


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