Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Traveling with the Parents Glacier National Park

Last year after my epic road trip to the Northeast my mom was saying she wished she could go on a trip like that.  I had a moment of insanity and told her that well if you and dad save the money I will take you.  Now my mom had been there about 7 years ago with a cousin and they were doing genealogical research, but my dad had never been.

After spending a week in Portland, visiting with my two oldest daughters, grandchildren, a couple of friends, my brother, sister, nephews and niece it was time to hit the road.  I loaded my parents, all of their bags and Bobbin in the car and we set out for Montana.  The first night we stayed in Missoula.  The next morning we got an early start.

We stopped at French Town and I got an epic cinnamon roll.

Then we headed up into the mountains.  We stopped at a rest area, view point and I took a pano. 

I got a kick out of it that there were signs posted all over to stay on the path because of rattlesnakes.  There was an educational sign too talking about different things that have been done to make it so animals can migrate without crossing the roads.  There is a wild life overpass.

We had a cabin at Hungry Horse in a resort called Timber Wolf Resort.  It is a combination B & B, RV, campground, and cabin resort.

 The cabin was just one room with bunk beds, a table, and a fire ring outside.  The bathroom was a wee walk away, but it was such a neat cabin.  We dropped our bags and headed into Glacier National Park.

 I loved the blue of Lake McDonald.
Such a pretty lake.

McDonald Creek has so many pretty areas like Sacred Dancing Cascades.

I found the ledges so amazing.  Makes you want to go wading. 

 Upper McDonald Creek
 I loved looking at the water coursing down the mountains. We wound our way up Going to The Sun Road.

 The road is narrow and twisty.
We finally arrived at Logan's Pass.

Where I spied a goat.

Then suddenly a goat spied me. 

The next day we pulled up stakes, left the cute camping cabin and headed toward Many Glaciers, then Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada.
The road to Many Glaciers is wee bit rough.
 There are these falls coming off of Lake Grinnel at Many Glacier's but there is no place to stop and get a really good picture unfortunately.

The hotel there is gorgeous.  I would love to stay there one day. 

One of my favorite things among the gorgeous views, rivers, and wildlife were the tour buses that take people all over the parks. 
I will share more of Bobbin, International Traveler adventures soon.


  1. How fun. Love the mountain scenery and falls and waterways. So pretty. And Bobbin looks like she was enjoying it too!

  2. Love those cascades--so beautiful...looks like Bobbin took his lookout duties seriously lol Such a gorgeous landscape...
    thanks for sharing your photos...hugs, Julierose

  3. This looks like a really fun adventure, though "a wee walk" to the bathroom makes that cabin less appealing for me. LOL Do you have a hard time finding places that let you have a dog? I'd love to take a trip with my dogs.

  4. Beautiful 😍😍😍. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great trip. I’ll bet your folks loved the adventure.

  6. Wasn't the blue water at Glacier beautiful? I loved it so much. Too bad we missed each other, though.


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