Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bradford PA and Home!

Leaving Kingston, we knew we were headed west and I knew of a place I wanted to take my dad.  The GPS took us through a historic town called Hurley.  Definitely a return trip is on my bucket list for this town.  The historic district is full of Hudson Valley Dutch Style Stone Houses.  So my complete history nerd is coming out.  I got a bit geeked seeing signs saying George Washington recruited patriots for the American Revolution here.  Read more about Hurley.

After marveling at the area we kept heading west and stopped at a farm stand/cafe for breakfast called Saunderskill Farms in Accord, New York.  I had a heart attack which was bacon, and New York Cheddar cheese on an everything bagel heated. 

We kept going.  I had a plan and a place for the night.  We were headed for Bradford, PA.  Home of the Case Knife, and Zippo Lighter plant and museum.  My dad has collected Case knives forever so I thought he would enjoy the museums. 

We left him there and my mom and I went searching for a quilt shop. We found Little Fabric Garden on Main Street in Bradford.  Cute shop, sweet owner and of course I had to make some purchases. 

We stayed at a funky motel which was a total dive on the outside, but the rooms had recently been remodeled and were very upscale.  We ate at Kabob's at the Option House, a very neat history of the building.  The food was excellent to in my opinion.

I loved their floor!

An option house was where bidders met to bid, sell, trade oil during the oil boom in Pennsylvania during the late 19th century. 

The next morning we were headed for home.  I was going to follow the GPS.  My mother argued that according to the map it was 100 miles less going her way.  (Insert rolling eyes).  So we headed south, then west toward Warren, turned and headed toward Clarendon and Sheffield through Allegheny National Forest then on route 666 toward Endeavor and finally we made it to I-80.  Only to be stopped multiple times in road construction.  What many people don't think about is it may be shorter, but the GPS can be set up to route you on the fastest route, and it will pick up road construction etc. 

We finally made it to Ohio, and since we were on I-80 I stopped in Maumee, Ohio at The Quit Foundry to pick up a kit I had on hold.  I also saw a really neat pattern that I picked up too!

My 5 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive but we finally made it back to Michigan with stories to share. 


  1. Lots of wonderful stories! Love the little fabric garden fabrics. Very pretty.

  2. Nice. A fabulous trip. Dont tell me your Mom is a back seat driver Lol
    My hubs does that to me too.

  3. What a great trip!! Welcome to and waving bye from Pennsylvania! Love the fabric and kits you got! Get some good rest now!!! :)

  4. Wow, I've just had d a great read of your Parental road trip - you sure did cover a few miles and what a lot you saw - wonderful that you could take your parents on such a trip! Nice you got to visit the odd quilt shop too!

  5. My GPS doesn't understand traffic most of the time. At least you had a good time.


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