Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I Like Thursday #113

Welcome to my 113th I Like Thursday post.

I like that I had a day off and it was pretty full of yard work, and getting the pool going.  I dug out all the tall weeds from a flower bed and spied these. 

It is a fungus called Dead Man's Fingers or Xylaria polymorpha.  It is a little disheartening that in 2 hours pulling weeds I only managed to get about a 25 square foot area kind of cleaned out.  I did manage to get some flowers planted in pots, a couple of tomatoes planted, some beets, and lettuce though, and everything got watered well.  I am fighting a lot of thistle, and catnip, not including the grasses.  Unfortunately no pictures, and even after I thought about it tonight we had severe weather blowing through. 

I am excited to see my strawberry plants looking pretty healthy, and the strawberries are growing.

This picture is from a couple of days ago, and the berries are 3 X larger already.  I probably need to get some bird mesh over them so perhaps I can enjoy them this year. 

I like that I have managed to get some sewing time in after work and chores and have all the blocks finished for my 2019 Tuesday Sewing Group BOM.  I tried an alternating block and then decided to add some sashing and corner stones.  I think it fit the bill.

These were only part of the blocks.  I was trying to get a feel for the layout to see if it was going to work.  I have managed to actually get one row sewn together so far. 

I heard this song and it touched a chord with me recently.

I love my new shirt and I feel that it is most appropriate in these times. 

Pay no attention to the thread on it, um I had been sewing. 

I did manage to read a couple of books this week, one I am still sorting through in my mind.  The other though was the 3rd installment of the Highland Bookshop Mysteries by Molly MacRae titled Thistles and Thieves.

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  1. Your strawberries look great. Love how that quilt is coming pretty

  2. Ohh just think of Strawberry shortcake to come...yum:)))
    [And I can see why they are called dead man's fingers--ugh!!]
    Pretty blocks on your wall...I like the little rays criss-crossing a lot
    Hugs from afar Julierose

  3. a very powerful video, my ptsd and anxiety is back too. I like the hope in it, that we'll pull together. I like your shirt and that quilt is lovely. Thanks Colette for doing an i like post

  4. Hi Colette! Your strawberries are doing fabulous. Yes, you do need to protect them from the birds or they will be enjoying all of them. Your t-shirt is just perfect for the times and it won't upset a single person. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. That is quite a fungus - have never seen that before! Glad you got some gardening in, and enjoy those strawberries. I love your t-shirt! Where did you find it? I am always covered in bits of thread, too!

  6. That fungus has the perfect name! It really does look like fingers. Love the t-shirt! Your blocks look gorgeous on your design wall. I'm sure you're looking forward to those strawberries!

  7. Dead man’s fingers? Ew! Those strawberry plants look really healthy. Nice. Love the tshirt.

  8. I've planted strawberries, raspberries....nothing just watch it die. My Mom had a green thumb, but she said I was too depressed to grow anything...LOL...she was right, but I have fun trying.

  9. I like your shirt! Yay for strawberry plants - I'm jealous. I like your blocks.

  10. Great t-shirt and I like the layout for the quilt blocks. The weeds have taken over here. I did get some annuals planted earlier in the week, then it turned really hot. Tied the record high of 94 yesterday. Today much cooler, but we hardly got any rain from the front that came through and we really need it. Have a good weekend.

  11. Great likes, great t-shirt! I think we are all tuckered from gardening these days! Glad you are going to have strawberries, I just crave them right now! Stay well and safe!

  12. Isn't that the best saying! Love those blocks you've sewn and happy you had a day off work, Colette. And got out into the garden. Those home grown strawberries will be a treat.

  13. You did a lot that day! I love how time disappears when I'm playing in the yard. I like your tee-shirt's message. What's so hard to accept that? Your quilt has me smiling. I think of light, grace, and unity.

  14. I hadn't heard that song before. Love the shirt (including the strings).

  15. I love the Be Kind tee shirt! I need one of those too! And the book series sounds good. LOVE the quilt squares! Enjoy your day!


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