Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I Like Thursday #114

Welcome to my 114th I Like Thursday post. 

Good weather is here, lots going on at the farm, as well as with work, so not much to really share.  Well really a lot to share, but I haven't taken many pictures. 

I like these solar lights I saw at work.

I eat a lot of salads and you can't have a salad without tomatoes.  My usual package was unavailable so I bought these.  When I got it home  I got to giggling the package was funny.

If you see the little tab on the right it says Lettuce Out!    Tomatoes Raised Right.  Wash me.  Please don't refrigerate.  It's too cold in there! 

The kittens are getting big, but what started out with one with goopy eye turned into FVR which is Feline Upper Respiratory Infection. The kids took over the kittens and moved them into their home to nurse them.  Tangier had it so bad I took her to the vet.  I explained that we had 3 other kittens at home, and his comment was well more than likely the others will come down with it too.  I got enough medicine to treat all of them.  It has taken a week, and finally Tangier is responding a bit.  The goopy eyes are clearing up, she was so stuffed up with a snotty nose she couldn't breath, the oldest boy has been taking her into the shower and creating a steam bath a couple of times a day to help with the stuffy nose.  The only one who hasn't seemed to have caught the bug is Ashes. 

Originally Ashes was very timid, would hide, but she has been coming out of her shell, and came to visit my house.  No surface was safe with this little one.

Ashes is also a kisser.  She likes to get right up into your face, and kiss you on the nose. 

My book recommendation for the week is Deadly Medicine by Joanna Neil.  Sarah inherits the family farm from her grandmother.  The farm is run down- sell or keep it?  Sarah is speaking to an Estate Agent Jenny Carter about selling.  Joanna discovered Jenny passed out, calls an ambulance.  It is discovered she has "accidentally poisoned" herself mistaking digitalis (foxglove) for Comfrey which caused her to have a heart attack.  Jenny dies, but Sarah is not convinced her poisoning was accidental.

I like that my local library is now open.  I can order a book online and when I arrive they bring it out to me.  Curbside service!  I got Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe' by Heather Webber.  I can't wait to jump into it!  I know some people like to browse the shelves, but my library is so small, many times I find books online in our county or state, and order them, so not a huge change for me. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Awwww Ashes is adorable. Mwaaaaah. So cute. Your kitty made my day

  2. I'm getting a book from my library with curbside service, too! They've had to figure out ways to be creative with their services, too. The tomato package is hilarious! I love those kind of tomatoes, too, but don't think I've ever read the label that closely! Poor kitties - hope it doesn't take too long for them to get over the infection.

  3. Once again, these books sound interesting-added to my list. Ashes isjust too cute. I’ve gotten those cherubs and appreciated someone taking the time to make an enjoyable wrapper.

  4. Hope the kitties continue to heal! That Ashes is adorable! Have a great week!

  5. Poor little kitties. So glad they are getting such good care. You always have such good book recommendations.

  6. Ashes is so cute! Love those tomatoes. lol. Yay for open libraries!

  7. Hi, how fortunate those kittens have landed with such caring humans! Ashes is very cute.
    We are getting a little bit spoiled with the curbside pickup...are now using it for most things as we are still in isolation.

  8. Hi Colette! Aww, Ashes is so darn cute. I can only imagine all the spots that needed investigating in your home. Nothing was safe! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Ashes is adorable, but I don't think I could handle a kitten into everything (or a puppy for that matter) at this point in my life. Our library is finally opening for curbside pickup on Monday, but we are restricted to only the books owned by our home library, no system-wide holds yet. The library closed before we got home from FL, so I'm desperate for some fresh reading materials. I'm going to check the online catalog this weekend and make a list of titles to try to get. I feel bad for the people who depended on the library for internet access. They've been without for 3 months now. We're back to hot temps again.

  10. Love the tomato packaging - so funny! I love your kitty! I hope they all feel better soon. You're taking such great care of them all.

  11. Sorry to hear that the kittens are having a rough time...hopefully they all continue to get better. It must be fun - and a lot of work - having them around!

  12. Ashes is so cute! I love how rough kitty tongues are.

  13. So many wonderful likes, but I must confess I went straight for your list of books! Really, you might like to link up at It's Monday! What are you reading at The Book Date! You listed some lighthearted and fun reads that are perfect for this time in our lives! Most of your books are now on my Want to Read list at Goodreads! Thank you for sharing!


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