Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Like Thursday #112

Welcome to my 112th installment of I Like Thursday.  I was tempted to not make a post this week.  Here is why.

Do you ever feel like you have lived a lifetime in a week or just a few days?  I will say that this past week has been that way.  It started last week with Lucy not being herself.  But then she would perk up and be alright.  Over the weekend she declined greatly to the point where she wasn't eating, drinking, she was barely able to walk, and just wanted to lay near me on the floor.  Monday I tried to get her into the vet, but couldn't get her in until Tuesday at 4 pm.  She was diagnosed with renal failure to the point that it was causing neurological problems too.  The decision was made to send her over the rainbow bridge to be with her mom and dad once more.

Lucy and her death glare, stomping up and down the stairs in the middle of the night, demanding to eat at 3 am and on demand puking will be missed.   The house is a little quieter, and Bobbin is missing her frienemy.

With everything going on it saddens my heart in so many ways.  Being Native American I have learned to deal with racism on a different level. I know that I have heard of several Native Americans being detained by ICE because they thought they were Hispanic, so being a different race is still scary now, not to the extent of being black, but frightening.   I thought this Race IAT created by Harvard  was interesting.  The test helps you see where your biases are.


I read a short mention about the Choctaw Indian Nation in 1847 sending $170 to aid the Irish during the potato famine.  I recently saw an article through Atlas Obscura a little more in depth.   You can read more about it here.

A monument was created to tribute the tribes generosity during that time.

Wednesday was my day off.  While things are opening back up, many people are not returning to work, so we are still short handed.  Add that people are starting to take vacation and many days I am working 9-10 hours I have to pack a bunch of chores into my day off.

I was up at 5, and out the door before 8 to go to the local nursery.  I had a list of what I was looking for.  Um I wasn't very successful.  I did buy a couple of tomato plants, a flat of petunias.  The only way I could get lantana or heliotrope was to buy a planter.  I came home, started cleaning up planters, and decided I needed some potting mix.  Everyone was out.

I like that Home Depot has curbside service.  I ordered what I wanted online, and in a couple of hours I got a text to go pick up my order.  I park in a space and call a number and they bring it out and load it into my car.

I got my planter boxes prepped and made a tour of my flower beds that are in need of desperate weeding.  I had filled the wagon 2 times today full of weeds and just don't think I got too far.

I Like my Heurchera, also known as coral bells.  The dark leaves fascinate me.  What is really interesting though, is that Heurchera grows wild in Northern California near where I buried Jeff.  So I chuckle when I see the plants for $17 in a gallon pot.

 I had to run to the feed store today and saw this metal garden sculpture.  I will call it a Heron.  I just loved the colors. 
 My roses are blooming already.  They make my heart smile. I call them my conceit or ego rose because the rose is named Colette. 
The bleeding heart is hanging in there and up behind it is a columbine.  The thistle is insane this year which is why it is so hard to get the garden beds cleaned out.  There is just so much!

 The lamium is blooming I just love this plant. 
The poppies are blooming and the holly hocks are getting big.  I love seeing the poppies, every year I have more and more and their big bright flowers bring a smile.

My book for the week was A Killer in King's Cove.  Lane Winslow has moved from Great Britain to a small town in British Columbia.  An interesting post war mystery. 

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  1. So sorry about Lucy. She and Phoebe can run and play together over the bridge. Lots of evil in the world. Saddens me.

  2. Hi Colette! {{Hugs}} I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy's decline. In spite of their differences, I'm certain both you and Bobbin have fond memories of her. Maybe one of the barn kitties might take her place. Thanks for the link to the Race Test - I will take it. And the monument is just gorgeous! Great tip on Home Depot - I'll check them out, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I'm so sorry about your kitty, Colette. I can tell she will be missed. Something I know for sure is that I don't know a thing about what it is like to live as a person of color in our country, so I'm just trying hard to listen. Take care - hope your work day isn't too long today.

  4. Sad that Lucy has crossed over...but you know you gave her a wonderful life with you...heartfelt sympathy....;000
    I have read a few of the Lane Winslow's too. They are different...
    I hope you are staying safe throughout all this and still going into work...hugs from afar Julierose

  5. oh no... Lucy.... I'm so sorry for your loss, for our loss since we kind of know her. We never got to clean up her vomit of course, but still, I loved seeing her. I'm so sorry... more loss for you. Love and loss go hand in hand. We feel both strongly. Thank you for the description of dealing with the necessary limits put on us to avoid the virus these days. You have a big job to weed there, but you have flowers returning... like a rainbow it's a comfort to see them again reminding us of how life is circular. I also liked that you remind us of how many people have to deal with racism. I think humans are spinning out of control by focusing on skin shades instead of learning, growing, developing, discovering, and sharing. We miss so much by hating others. Thanks my friend. Hi Bobbin, you cover girl

  6. I love your flowers and I'm glad you got some of what you needed. It's sure been odd not to have everything available. I also want to thank you for sharing the things you did about Native Americans. I lived over 3 years on the Navajo Reservation years ago and learned a lot and made a lot of good friends. Hope your work days get better. Take care! Hugs, Diane

  7. Sorry to hear of Lucy’s passing, it’s a very sad thing to go through. Bobbin and you are both going to miss her bunches. Hugs to you both.

  8. So loving seeing all your blooms! And what is it with the metal birds today in posts?! Love. I have one too :-) We had Heuchera at our last house, and we were at an outdoor-only greenhouse yesterday that had some but MacGyver said no, not this year; his beds aren't quite ready for it, grrr. I love the delicate pink flowers it gets, and yes, those leaves! So sorry for the loss of Lucy. We need our animals now more than ever. Lovely bit about the Indigenous giving to the Irish (who used to be despised, just like the Italians who also emigrated to the US). We have a lot of problems here with racial profiling and prejudice against our indigenous peoples. Heavy stuff, but needed heavy stuff for us white people.

  9. I'm sorry about Lucy. I think right now we feel loss worse than ever. I've seen that feather sculpture before and the history behind it. That Race IAT was interesting - it said I had a slightly positive bias for the black kids. Your flowers are pretty!

  10. So sorry about Lucy! How sad. I think that heron is pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to try the curbside pick up at Home Depot. Good to know it works well. You should be proud of “your” rose. It’s just lovely.

  11. I'm so sorry about Lucy. It's really hard to lose or fur babies, and especially hard to watch our other fur babies miss them. Your flowers are gorgeous and your heron is a beauty!

  12. My condolences on Lucy's passing. So hard at any time, but especially now when so much other upheaval is going on. I've decided I'm not bothering with planters this year or buying any new perennials. I just don't have the motivation to spend hours battling the endless weeds and the physical toll gardening is taking on my aging body. It's time to declutter the yard. I hope other workers start to return so you don't have to put in such long hours. I know you do it willingly, but it still takes a toll on you physically and emotionally and you need to take care of yourself. Here's hoping you have a better week.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy's death, that's such an awful thing to go through! Perhaps small consolation, but your flowers are really really lovely!

  14. I'm so sorry about Lucy. Sending you hugs. Such a sweet post full of lovelies! Love the monument!

  15. So sorry about your kitty. Several friends have lost a pet this past week.

  16. So very sorry about your special pet, Colette.
    Tony has used the Home Depot curb side service too and was impressed. I have lots of coral bells around our property and one bleeding heart which is hiding away and needs to be moved.
    Your petunias will provide you with lots of ongoing bloom for the summer.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy. It's so sad to lose a pet. I love the heron and the beautiful flowers especially Colette!


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