Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I Like Thursday #119

Welcome to my 119th installment of I Like Thursday.

I am thoroughly enjoying my garden this year, even though there is a lot of work, and I am always behind the weeds.

This is a picture of my zucchini that I took about July 25th.  By July 28th this is the zucchini I harvested.

I was kind of mourning the fact that my Rose of Sharon bushes didn't appear that they would bloom this year.  But today one of them surprised me.

While cleaning the pool today I pulled this guy out. 

Aren't the markings on the wings amazing?

Finally my books I enjoyed this past week were:

The Shaman Sings by James Doss.  Julierose suggested this series to me.  Many books of this type use the more well known Indian Tribes, but this one takes place on and around the Utes.  I love that the past couple of years I have been around a lot of the areas described in this book near Durango, Colorado.

My 2nd choice was Legacy of Lies by Robert Bailey, a Bocephus Haynes Legal Thriller. 

Thank you LeeAnna for encouraging us to look for things to share during the week that we like, love.  Now head over to Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Looks like your garden is doing well! Do you know the name of the butterfly/moth you found in the pool! I couldn’t tell for sure!
    I’m writing down your book recommendations also. My reading mojo is severely lacking this year, but I like to have recommendations. Have a great week!

  2. your garden is thriving! I had to blow up the moth/butterfly pic, those wings are amazingly beautiful. What a cool graphic... my head is thinking of all the artwork that could come from that image. The shaman book looks really good, we're reading the hillerman series of Leaphorn, out loud to each other.
    I discovered B & N has a native American detective page of book suggestions (

  3. Hi Colette! Thank you for all the beautiful shots of your garden. I love Rose of Sharon and often ask myself why on earth I don't have one. Yay to zucchini - I would love to make some bread. It sounds like it's nice and chill at your house - the view from the pool looks fabulous. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I enjoy your flower have quite a varied garden growing there between your veggies and the blooms. Rose of Sharon is a gorgeous one isn't it. I don't have any. I'm always behind on the weeding too. It seems weeds love heat I've discovered. LOL

  5. I like reading books set in locations I know or have visited. For years, I'd only read mystery books set in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the protagonist had to be female.
    Hurrah for zucchini! Last year I finally acquired a taste for the vegetable. Maybe next year, I'll try growing some.

  6. Your flowers are so pretty, Colette! And hooray for produce coming along, too. I discovered a couple cucumbers today that I didn't know were there - that was exciting! Those books look interesting!

  7. The zucchini grow overnight. It always amazes me. Your flowers are just beautiful.

  8. Lots of lovely flowers! Looks like a happy zucchini plant!

  9. You've got to watch those zucchini like a hawk. They go from bite size to war club in no time. My oldest Rose of Sharon was dying off, so I pull it out last year. I have another that apparently planted itself by seed in a spot that I can't see from my house, but it's too big to move at this point. I was doing pretty good with the weeds until it started raining again, so now they're growing like weeds. LOL.

  10. Home grown zucchini-love them but also like the plants. Ah- you brought back wonderful memories of one of my favorite places- Durango. One yer we even made the trip south of there to the Indian dwellings in the mountains which may have been the Utes and were able to walk through the rooms. They were sooo small. It may have been near Cortez? That was in the 70’s and I’ve slept since then.

  11. Your plants look fabulous.mine are starting to dwindle down a bit. They have been prolific though. That butterfly is a beauty

  12. Your veggies and flowers look great! We got one tomato that finally turned red! Love the butterfly! The wings have such a nice pattern.


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