Wednesday, August 5, 2020

I Like Thursday #120

Welcome to my 120th I Like Thursday post.  Every Thursday a group of bloggers write about things they like/love and try to put some positive out to the universe.  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things during the week.

Still busy around here, I made zucchini bread and was fortunate enough to be able put some in the freezer.  I worked in the yard on my day off, mowing, weeding, weed eating, cleaning up, and trying to get things under control.  So not a whole lot to share still, but soon the weather will change and I life will slow down a little.  I think.  😉

I like these cones of Sugar 'n Cream for knitted dish clothes. 

Autumn Leaves


Beach Ball

Freshly Pressed

I also loved this one called Psychedelic

Obviously I think I will be making a lot of dish clothes. 

I found these neat towels and had to have them.

What was really neat was the back has a little motif too.

Work with the chemicals, constant hand washing, my nails are a mess.  I have tried everything but they continue to break, and split.  I finally tried these glass files and they seem to help a bit.

Today I ran some errand and coming up the stair I spied what I thought was a leaf.  But on closer inspection.

A wing.

Some interesting things I found the last week.  The Badlands Guardian

Isn't it amazing?  It looks like a human wearing a First Nations Headdress.

Unfortunately the books I read this week were nothing to write about, and frankly a couple of book recommendations in a couple of articles I read.  I was very disappointed. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I like Thursday posts. 


  1. Those will be some pretty dishcloths. I do the same if I see them on sale. Who doesnt love a pretty dishcloth? Those towels are so cool too. Nice things to like

  2. Hi Colette! I love the Sugar & Cream yarn as well as the cute towels. Are you able to see the yarn where you work? I'd be in trouble and I don't even crochet or knit. My nails have been horrible. I never thought it being caused by all the hand washing. Good grief - I just keep them so short and then when I go to pick up something, I have no nails. I've been reading the Miss Fortune series by Jana Deleon - they are a hoot. I'm just starting book 5. {{Hugs}} Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love all that yarn - so pretty! I should get some and try knitting dishcloths - that is something I could knit! Cute towels, too! That is a cool picture of the Badlands. Have you been there? It's a fascinating place!

  4. I had a friend that kept me in dishcloths! I’m starting to run short. Guess I’ll have to try to make my own. That was her favorite yarn too!

  5. I never thought all the handwashing and handling of harsh chemicals these past few months may be the cause for my fingernails looking a bit brittle. The towels are bwak, bwak cute. You got me wondering if I could knit dish cloths. I like your choice of colors.

  6. good for you, to find something to like this week! I also like that yarn, and the towels, all of them. Now, I have very chippable and fragile nails... I've seen strength come from "mane 'n tail" cream (the original)by Hoofmaker
    it also seems to help the cracked heels when I remember to put it on.

  7. Cool towels. I really like the yarn.

  8. A yarn restock. Always good to have the supplies on hand when the knitting bug bites. Fun towels. My nails are a mess. These days with the garden and hand washing, I’m keeping them filed down. That is really neat...the photo of the Badlands.

  9. Great likes! I love your towels and your yarn! Beautiful and fascinating guardian! I love it! Have a safe and happy week!

  10. I love that yarn. The colors are so pretty. I'm always looking for new kitchen towels. They're hard to find for some reason. I like the ones you bought!

  11. Reminds me of that commercial of the girl with the credit card looking at her sofa...saying she just had to have it. Love your towels....I love kitchen towels almost to the point of addiction. Love all the yarns. Which reminds me, I have some potholders done, all they need is to be sewn up. Lovely post.

  12. That wing is kind of beautiful but sad, too. Wonder what happened to the bird? I don't knit but those yard spools are really pretty. Love the towels!


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