Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Like Thursday #123 a Wee Bit Late

 I don't know if I mentioned that recently if I do manage to have 2 days off during the week, they are split.  So I feel like I am in a constant fog as to what day it is.  I know in the back of my wee brain last night as I was doing dishes, and prepping an applique piece I thought, I think I need to write an I Like Thursday post.  Um yeah, obviously that thought flit right out of my head the two times it wandered through.  

My first task did I have anything I liked this week?  

Well I like my egg brush my daughter purchased me to help clean eggs.  They can come in pretty dirty.  This neat little brush looks tough, but the bristles are a soft plastic and just right for scrubbing dirty eggs.

This sink, is usually full of eggs to wash, then carton.  It is about all this sink is useful for because it is shallow.  Someday I will get a new cabinet and install a farmhouse sink which is a wee bit more user friendly.

I ran to the feed store and saw this wind chime I thought was pretty.

I liked the pretty flowers on the butterfly.  

I got a chuckle out of these dog costumes I saw at the store.

The unicorn with wings was cute.  

I thought Bobbin was more princess like.  

My favorite though was the mermaid.  But my daughter says that Bobbin doesn't have the figure to pull off a mermaid costume.  ROFL.  Our main comment though was if it is on the dog, the seashells would be underside of the dog's body. 

Bobbin and one of the pigs had a row the other day at my daughters, and so Bobbin got put into timeout in the she shed.

Doesn't she look remorseful?  My daughter takes her down for company when I am working during the day, not for company for my daughter, but company for Bobbin.  But occasionally she is not a polite visitor and this happens.  BTW there are some likes here.  1.  Bobbin gets to be with people throughout the day, bored dogs can translate to destructive dogs.  2.  She looks so dang cute.

Obviously Bobbin gets over her sulk pretty quickly when the humans join her and she can stretch out between 2 foot stools.

I like that our rodent problem is getting better because of these two.  They wander between the barn and the houses.  Most of the time girl is at my house, and boy is at the other house.  But occasionally they are together.  Today they were grooming, because having clean ears is very important for tracking the wee mousies!

The oldest grandson turned 13 the other day.  I remember helping that kid make an entrance into this world.  

A boy and his cat.  Haze and Xander are almost inseparable.  If you remember a while back the picture of him holding the tiny kitten?  It was Haze.

I had to share a pic of Xander's birthday cake.

I chose the design, he chose chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.  

Ever see an image and it is just too cute?  Well I thought this kind of looked like Bobbin, and I love the glasses.  It was a graduation card I think.  

I liked this fabric panel.  It is by Sweetwater for Moda and has some awesome inspirational sayings.

The instructions are to simply quilt and bind each panel to create four mini quilts.  

I saw this and had to share.  I know it is an advertisement but watching it was amazing. 

The ideas humans come up with to create beauty is astounding.  

Unfortunately I had some real duds for my books this week.  The only one I am willing to share, which is because it is a fast, fun read is Avalanche the 2nd in the Sheriff Bo Tully series by Patrick McManus.  

Thanks for stopping by and now head over to LeeAnn's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like Posts! 


  1. Never heard of an egg brush. Looks neat. Bobbin vs a pig - I'd be afraid of the pig winning! Wow, Haze has grown a lot. Happy birthday to your grandson!

  2. Hi Colette! I've never, ever heard of an egg washing brush but I can imagine that you just might need one. Hmm. You learn something each and every day - and you often provide me with many great lessons! Aww, poor Bobbin - who cares if she can't wear a mermaid costume?!! She's keeping her dignity. She is SO dang cute. HAHA to being stretched out over two foot stools. A big HB wish to Xander as a new teenager. I wish him all the best. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Oh My Word that video was fascinating!!! Thanks for that, how wonderful. Bobbin... stretched over two footrests... adorbs... and of course she got into it with first thought when you said she doesn't have a figure for mermaids is neither do the women trying on that style on say yes to the dress, but that doesn't stop them! So many good things... that cake is awesome, what a dream 13th BD cake!

  4. You found lots of great likes this week! My favorite were your two photos of Xander with his cat. Happy Birthday to Xander, and great cake! Did you do the decorations?

  5. Such a brave Bobbin to take on a pig! I would think that Bobbin would lose that battle. Love all the costumes for animals. My dogs hate them! Happy Birthday to the 13 year old!

  6. Wow, what a great cake. HB to your grandson. The animals sure keep you busy. And even those of us not working and stuck at home have trouble remembering what day it is.

  7. Learned a lot about your life this week! How lucky you are to have daughter and grandchildren close. And thanks too for the video! Amazing!

  8. I was looking at one of those scrub brushes the other day but wanted it for a different reason. Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy. I love seeing pictures of your grandkids. Poor Bobbin.

  9. You have many interesting likes! My favorite was of your grandson and his kitty. So beautiful....

  10. Well, for someone that was not sure if she had any likes for the week - you sure came up with many! Just goes to show how we can find positives if we just take the time to look for it! Love the before and after pictures of your grandson/kitty, and the xylophone!!! Thanks for checking out my blog today!

  11. That book looks good. I lose track of days too. These were great likes especially your grandson with his kitty.

  12. #123 is an awesome list as usual! I'm also not sure Bobbin has the figure for that costume. How cute are they though. I must ask daughter how she washes her eggs...looks like a good little gift for her if she doesn't have one. Great photo of your grandson and his cake is just awesome. Where is the time going at all!!

  13. Bobbin is too cute to be fresh! I love seeing how much Haze has grown. I like the chimes. The costumes for dogs are so funny to see! So fun!

  14. I love the name Bobbin for a pet! I guess I didn't realize people put their dogs in costumes for Halloween.

    The wind chime is lovely!

  15. That xylophone music was amazing. Thank you for sharing that. It made my day!

  16. Hubby loves Patrick McManus. We have the first book in the series. I didn't know that there are other books. I'll have to check into them (anniversary coming up).

  17. Love the pic of your grandson with the kitty...both when it was a wee kitten and now. Beautiful cake for him too. That’s great that Bobbin gets to go to people during the days you work.

  18. Poor Bobbin in timeout! Hopefully he will be a bit nicer next time. So happy the cats are helping control the mice though!!


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