Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I Like Thursday #122

 Welcome to my 122nd I Like Thursday post.  Weekly a group of us share things we have found during the week which make us smile, are uplifting, or just plain fun.  LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color is our intrepid leader, and encourager during these trying times.  

Another week has flown by, I enjoy the cooler evenings in the yard swing, sometimes watching the sunset.  Listening to the chickens, watching the butterflies, hummingbirds, and swallows flit around. 

I smile when I look at the swing because Jeff's hat still hangs there which he lost the day before he died.  It had blown off his head while he was working outside.  It showed up a few days later, I picked it up and hung it on the swing and there it has been for over the past 3 years through rain, snow, wind, and sun.  

I like my new toaster.  I had an old one that was here when I moved in.  Most of the time my bread didn't fit into the toaster so you either had half a toasted piece of toast, or  you flipped it and the middle was a little too toasted for my liking.  My new toaster is of course, red, and works awesome.
I like when I find belongings that have been stored away for a long time.  I found my Himalayan Salt candle holder.  I love the glow when a tealight is lit within.

I like the planting baskets I found on sale recently.  They are lined with plastic so they can be used outside.

They are also a good size to hold my wash cloth yarn.
I needed some embroidery floss to begin a new project and so went to Hobby Lobby.  I saw this measuring bowl and thought it was gorgeous.

I have been seeing pictures that hang over the toilet, a lot lately.  This one really made me smile, especially after the recent toilet paper shortage.
I like that I finally took the time to hang up my wall hanging I made a couple of years ago.  Funny how small chores can get pushed aside and it actually only takes 5 minutes here or there to get them done. 

I like this shirt which I purchased recently.

I loved this video I found.  CGI (computer generated imagery) is awesome.  
I have seen this painting before but was unsure of the name or who painted it.  The artist is Hieronymus Bosch and the title of the painting is The Garden of Earthly Delights.  It is a triptych painted between 1490 ad 1510.  You can read more about it at Hieronymus Bosch, and see the painting,
There is a musical score written on some of the figures back and buttock and a musician has transcribed it.  The video is titled Butt Music. 
 Finally the books I have enjoyed this week are A Hoe Lot of Trouble by Heather Webber.

Nina Quinn owns a very successful landscaping business.  Her specialty is a one day yard makeover.   Too bad her personal life isn't going as well.  Nina has discovered her husband Detective Kevin Quinn has been cheating on her, and he has left her to deal with his teenage son Riley Quinn, and the fall out of the separation.  Add into the mix, a plea by one of her oldest friends to investigate her father in law's death and life quickly spins out of control.  I enjoyed this book and will look forward to reading the next in the series.

The other recommendation is Murder in the First Edition by Lauren Elliot.  Addie Greybourne is acclimating to her new home, her book shop is doing well, and she has just donated a rare 1st edition Charles Dickens A Christmas Carole to the hospital for a silent auction.  When Addie takes a certificate of authenticity to the hospital, she finds the book missing, and the head of the fund raising auction dead.  Throw in her deceased fiance's father Jonathan Hemingway blowing into town on a storm, with his womanizing ways and Addie is caught up in solving the murder and her favorite suspect is Jonathan Hemingway.  This is the 3rd installment of the Beyond the Page Bookstore Mysteries.
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  1. Lots to like. I love Jeffs hat on the swing. I can picture him there with you as you relax at the end if the day. And those sunflowers on the measuring bowl. So pretty and cheerful.

  2. whee! so much cool stuff! Jeff's hat, a reminder that he was there and loves you still. That butt napkin... still laughing, my lord. The t-shirt, terrific! that opera squirrel! priceless. I think you're the one that told me about ellery adams, thanks.

  3. OMG SUCH A GREAT POST. I like the story of Jeff’s hat and just sitting on that swing. Those books sound like they’re right up my alley. Wish I had more time to read. That measuring cup is so sweet. Thank you.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post as usual. Imagine his hat still there and looking so good. I had a chuckle at that poster and the saying on the t shirt is awesome. You spy the neatest things. I remember that Transformation piece and so happy to see it on the wall. You are right about how these tiny wee things get left out.

  5. That is wonderful that Jeff's hat came back to you and you have it hanging there to remember. So nice to have that swing to relax and enjoy your property from. I love the fun things you find when you're out and about, too. I finally found some of the Sugar and Cream yarn to try some knitting of dishcloths - looking forward to getting started on one. Your measuring cup find is so fun!

  6. I like the salt candle holder. I use the salt lamps in my house and have 3 in different places. I think it really does keep the dust down. Love your story about the hat. Sometimes things like this bring you comfort and that's a good thing!

  7. What’s fun and touching post! I wondered, since I am sorta new here, why your blog handle and your email name were so different.
    Now I get it! 😊
    I’ve not used a Himalayan Salt candle holder or lamp. What are the advantages?

    Ps: I love how when I comment on your blog, my keyboard on my iPad turned pink!

  8. I love that you left Jeff’s hat hanging there. That toaster is pretty cool looking too. I pitched mine for the same reason and just use a toaster oven now.

  9. Amazing how Jeff's hat came back to you and provides a subtle reminder of his presence. I'll have to research the Himalayan salt candles as I don't know their significance. You find such wonderful, interesting things. Of course, if I went anywhere, I might find some, too. Staying safe and close to home.

  10. Ooh! We have a red toaster, too. Love it! LOL - that dragon is a hoot!! I like your new shirt. Bosch paintings are so far out. Lots of good stuff.

  11. I always enjoy hearing about what others are reading. Perhaps I will try one of your listed books. I also listened to your music - lovely.

    My favorite part of your post was the story about the hat on the swing. What a treasured memory. I think the swing could be a very serene place.

  12. That is so sweet to have Jeff's hat hanging on the swing. Love the pretty measuring bowl. Love seeing your yarn all together. So many nice likes!

  13. You have found a ton of likes this week! Your husband's cap is so sweet...
    I enjoyed reading your book summaries as well as finding another fellow dishcloth maker!
    Oh! And that toaster! I love it!
    Take good care!


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