Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I Like Thursday #121

Welcome to my 121st installment of I Like Thursday.  We have had cooler days and nights lately, which kind of makes you melancholy even though it was only the first part of August, it seems too soon for summer to be over.  But the hot, humid weather is back, with much cooler nights though so I won't complain too much.  

The afternoons are nice to sit and dip my feet in the pool after a long day at work.

As I sit and wind down, I usually read a book for about 15 minutes before I start the "rest of my day".

The other day while I was sitting I noticed a leaf whirlpool in the middle of the pool, over the drain.

I like my new ceiling fan that I finally installed.  Well I didn't do all of it.  I did the disassembly of the old, and assembled the new, but the adult kids finished putting it up.  What a huge difference.

This is the old fan, yes I have 2 of the same style fan, one in the dining room, and one in the living room.  It has a frosted shade, and those tiny candle like light bulbs that have the tiny base that is about the size of your pinky finger.  They don't put out a lot of light, and they blew out constantly.

Here is my new light and fan.  It looks like it has mason jars, and the bulbs look like Edison bulbs, but they are LED, what a gigantic difference!   It will be easier to work in there during the evening.

I like sew a longs, even though I don't always keep up, but it is the spirit of it!  Currently Fort Worth Fabric Studio has the Absolute Autumn Mystery Quilt Along.  I loved their fabric kit they curated for it, and I have actually started cutting a little.  

I also like the Spellbound QAL by Holly Hill Quilt Designs I am saving those off for later, I hope!

I have been working on my cross stitch and embroidery lately and saw this cute embroidery thread holder and had to have it.

 It is the perfect size to hold a ball of embroidery thread.  

 I like that I know what date this girl's birthday falls on!  

August 12, 2017 little miss was born, and Wednesday she celebrated her 3rd birthday.  We went to Starbucks and she got a pupperccino which is technically just real whipped cream in a small Starbucks cup.  Bobbin got a cheat day from her diet.  From what I understand she shares her birthday with some other awesome people.  

I will say the books I read this week were much better than last week's selections.  My first book was The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis.  What I thought was going to be a book on forgiveness ended up have a wee bit of a mystery involved too.  I loved the book, and the characters and couldn't put it down!

My 2nd book was Murder in the Valleys by Pippa McCathie.  A retired DI stumbles upon a body in the little Welsh town where she now lives.  Back into her life comes her former colleague Matt Lambert as the new Chief Inspector sent to head up the investigation.  I enjoyed this book also and look for to more character development in future books. 

On a much different note I found this website interesting it is a COVID Event Risk Assessment.  You look for the county you live and add some other data points.  

COVID Risk Assessment

Finally a couple of videos to make you smile.

Tap Versus Irish Dance

Riverdance Figure Skating.

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color, our intrepid and steadfast encourager when the going gets tough, to check out the other I Like Thursday posts!


  1. The pool looks so relaxing after a hard day of work. Yes Bobbin shares a birthday with my Mom,brother and niece. Love Bobbins party

  2. first of all, I couldn't comment because I was ENTHRALLED with tap dance... all those fit handsome men, so talented, crossed cultures, wonderful!!! I studied tap dance for years... skipping over the surface like a waterbug, showing none of the effort, making it look as easy as pie. I was fit enough that my thighs didn't jiggle!
    Happy year bobbin baby... 3 is a good age Milo is three as well. I like the book title, and will go look for it. Wish I read a s fast as you.
    good for you to change out the fan... better light... it's one of those things that's easy to put off and makes a big difference.

  3. I loved the tap dancing video! I have been thinking about signing up for an adult class for exercise. You inspired me!

  4. I love figure skating but have never seen such a great routine as Jason Brown! Thank you so much for sharing that. Gives me chills.

  5. How nice to have a pool to put your feet in at the end of your workday! It's still really hot here, but just knowing it's the middle of August tends to make me a bit melancholy too. Great job on the ceiling fan, and love that your kids helped you! The books sound great - I'll have to go look for them on my library's website.

  6. Hi Colette! Oh, that picture of the water in your pool. I can just feel the water lapping on your feet, and the stress just wafting away . . . Ahhh. Nice ceiling fan! I would like to put a ceiling-hugger one in my living room just for the air movement. It may not be hot but the air isn't moving so it feels warmer than it is. Ahhhhh! Happy Birthday sweet Bobbin!! I was smiling at her in the background of the thread holder but then she gets her own festive photo on her cheat day. Yippee! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. What a great pool picture. That water looks so inviting. Yay for the new ceiling fan. They're such a good thing to have in the house. Happy Birthday Bobbin!!

  8. Yes, the year is marching on even though it seems like we're getting nothing down. I've noticed that I barely have time to water the outdoor plants after Jeopardy now. Great that you got the new ceiling light/fan installed. I should look for one for my sewing studio. The air gets really dead in there. Happy Birthday to Bobbin. Glad he got a special treat for the day.

  9. Great videos!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. A pool and a new fan. Can’t get better than that for cooling down. Your thread holder is so sweet and your reading list has been added to my must read list. Thank you

  11. Happy Birthday Bobbin! She looks so adorable! And the new fan is super cool. I have the same problem, all three of my fans have that constrictive globe with the one or two tiny lightbulbs. Hardly any light, and it makes it really annoying. I've been putting off getting a new fan since technically they still work, but maybe it's time to just bite the bullet!

  12. Your pool looks very inviting! Our temps have been high lately with no cooling off at night. I heard we might have a cool weekend. Ceiling fans work well cooling off the room. I love ours. Happy Birthday to Bobbin!

  13. Yes, to cooling off the toes in the pool. And a big yes to ceiling fans. We have them in almost every room here and they do make such a difference to our comfort, especially me. I love that photo of Bobbin. How she stays so stylish!

  14. Happy Birthday Bobbin! I liked both of those videos.

  15. I enjoyed the tapdancing/riverdance video a lot. Tappity tap tap tap tap tap. Your Bobbin is a cutie!


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