Thursday, December 3, 2020

Cultivate Kindness

 I saw this panel early this year.  Looking at the sayings I just knew that I had to make it. 


The panel and accompanying fabric are called Cultivate Kindness by Deb Strain and the pattern was called flower delivery by Coach House Designs.

The quilt measures 56 X 70 so it is only lap quilt size.  I am probably going to use it as a wall hanging. 

Find joy in the ordinary.

Welcome each new day.

Gather happy moments.

Focus on the good.

Grow a life you love.

Live simply.

Cultivate kindness.  I will admit I added a few more flowers to the back of the truck.  I actually kind of enjoyed the machine applique once I got the hang of it. 

I actually have fabric for a backing for this one.  

I finished 2 more pineapple blocks for the pineapple quilt.  

The two blocks which were finished were the 2nd an 3rd from the left.  Of course then I had to play with the value layout again.

A few blocks were turned and I am pretty happy so far with how the value is flowing.

I have found that if I stay off the computer, and keep focused on my day off I accomplish quite a bit.  The downside is I miss reading blogs, and seeing what everyone else is creating.


  1. But what you have accomplished! I love your Cultivate Kindness top! Your pineapples are really coming along! Stay safe and have a great day!

  2. Love that panel--those sayings are so uplifting--and we really need that right now...your pineapples are coming together so well..I think you are accomplishing a lot with your schedule...nice work hugs from faraway, Julierose :()

  3. I really love those pineapples. The panel turned out so well too. I find I accomplish so much more when I get off of the computer too, but I do miss seeing what everyone is doing. It’s always so inspiring.

  4. I've been seeing the Christmas truck all over the place. It is a lovely trend. Neat panel with wonderful words. Yes I know I let too much time get away from me by being on the computer. Enjoyed your LIKES post too.

  5. I need to stay off to but just lazy so doing just a little sewing a day.

  6. What a wonderful panel with words of wisdom for all of us these days. I'm retired and I'd get a lot more accomplished if I'd stay off the computer, but it's so easy to just sit here and scroll from one to another. I get lots of ideas, even id I don't ever make any of them. Glad you finally got a day off. I didn't think it was legal to make someone work 8 days in a row without a day off. Maybe that's just in NY. Are you making lots of Christmas cookies in the bakery these days?

  7. I love your projects. I keep off the computer some days too and I'm much more productive. The time goes by so quickly when you're online.

  8. Such adorable panels! I've never made a pineapple block but it is fun to see how beautiful yours look.

  9. Some great projects going on at your house. Beautiful
    Yes the computer certainly can be a time waster

  10. I like the colors in the top quilt. The pineapple quilt is looking good.


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