Wednesday, February 10, 2021

I Like Thursday #147

 Welcome to my 147th I Like Thursday post.  Thank you LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things we like/love and share with others.  

While many are having huge snow events, ours have been minimal.  The kids get out and make sure that the driveways, walkways, porches and paths to all the animals are shoveled.  They even shovel a huge area for Bobbin to use to potty.   I smile when I see all the kitty paw prints in the fresh snow.  They patrol the grounds to ensure there are no interlopers.

Our temperatures have been downright frigid.  Wednesday morning it was 4 degrees!  But the extreme cold temperatures also can be useful.  My off I defrosted one of the freezers.  All I had to do was empty the freezer and put the stuff out on the porch in coolers and bins. 

I had went to the barn to retrieve a cooler and came upon this old enamelware chamber pot.  

I heard stories that the bathroom was not installed in the house until the mid 40's.  Up until then there was an outhouse, so I am sure this came in handy on those cold winter nights.  

Oh and one freezer only took me 1 hour to complete defrost, and clean. My next day off I will do the other.  

Valentine's Day is Sunday, and the store has such pretty azalea trees.  I just had to take a picture.  A reminder that spring is on its way eventually. 

I finished my table runner that matches my mug rug.

I was so proud that I had shopped my stash to make it.  

I have been working on a wool piece now that the binding is on the table runner.  

I just had a realization.  I don't know where I put the rest of the blocks for this BOM.  Hmmm.

I only read a couple of books this week.

Flipped for Murder by Maddie Day.  Robbie Jordan has purchased a small country store where she serves breakfast, and lunch and sells antique kitchenware.  The assistant to the mayor of the small Indiana town of South Lick is found shot to death in her home and Robbie as the newcomer is instantly the top of the suspect list.  

This Side of Murder by Anna Lee Huber.  It is just a short time after the end of WWI and Verity Kent

has been invited to a house party for one of the former officers who had served with her husband during the war.  The only reason Verity attends is that she receives a cryptic letter which infers that her husband, who was killed during the war was a traitor.  

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  1. I too have the frigid hips are bruised banging the car door to open my kitty tracks go to my car hood. That wool red truck project looks fun.dont lose it girl. Is that buttermilk basin? I think i have a pattern somewhere

  2. It’s been frigid here too! Today, a high of -10 is predicted! It’s brutal! I don’t miss defrosting freezers. Still have to unpack and clean regularly, but not defrost! I really like your heart table runner! So sweet!

  3. I think you're making lemonade out of lemons - defrosting the freezer and setting the frozen things outside while you do it! Your heart runner is really sweet - it's always a win to get everything from your stash!

  4. You are so clever! Once I can move about more, i'm defrosting my freezer using your method! Brilliant! Love your table runner! I'm so inspired by your post this week! Have a safe and happy week!

  5. Hi Colette! The little paw prints make me smile, too. That azalea tree is gorgeous and the perfect reminder that there is hope for Spring. Your heart runner is so cute and just perfect for the season! Thanks for the book suggestion, my friend! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. You are so industrious to clean out the freezer, a chore I hate. But now that I have a stand up one, it really isn't so bad. Oh Azaleas are such beauties...good thing I don't work there, so many of these cute and nice things would have to come home with me. Glad you have such great help with snow clearing such as it is there.

  7. It's been cold here and snowy (but not much) like further east. It was zero when I got up Monday morning, but it's 31 degrees today. Colder and more snow this weekend. I finally got back to downloading audio books from the library and finished my first one this week. Also playing with scraps and finishing a baby quilt.

  8. Gads, I can't imagine using an outhouse in the freezing cold. Love that table runner.

  9. Pretty projects. Even though I have indoor kitties, there are always fresh tracks all over our yard and steps. Nutmeg does her best to scare the intruders. It is cold here as well as snowy. Wind chill factor in single digits. I am ready for spring and the azaleas outside to bloom ... :) Pat

  10. Four degrees is way too cold for me and I can't even imagine having to use that chamber pot when it was that cold. Yikes! Ron and my daughter went kayaking two days ago, so obviously we aren't having frigid weather. I love when I sew from my stash only, so yay for you on that cute runner! It is so sweet that the snow gets shoveled for Bobbin, too. Looks like some interesting books I'll have to check out.

  11. I have actually used a chamber pot, my great aunt did not have indoor plumbing. She also had an outhouse that I was afraid to we all would go under the big oak tree and pray the chickens didn't peck us. It is gonna get cold here but hopefully, not that cold. Thirty degrees this morning and is suppose to get in the one digits on Sunday or Monday. Stay warm.

  12. You guys have had such cold weather. Surely glad I was born after they had indoor plumbing. Your heart runner turned out nicely. It’s nice to shop in our stashes.

  13. Your heart runner is darling. :-) That second novel sounds intriguing. The cover reminds me of Maisie Dobbs novels when they were during WWI times.

  14. Love your heart table runner! So pretty! It's been pretty cold here too but I didn't do much cleaning like you! So glad you have indoor plumbing now! I don't think I'd like to use a chamber pot or an out house!

  15. You can come defrost my freezer. It takes a lot longer than an hour.


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