Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I Like Thursday #149

 Welcome to my 149th I Like Thursday post.  Thank you to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things we like/love to share and bring a little lightness, brightness to the world.  

I like that my days have slowed down after Paczki Day last week.  After a few days of recovery I actually started to sew again.  

I finished the applique on a table topper I was making for Valentine's Day.  Yep I know a wee bit late. 

I pieced the backing and the quilting from the applique is kind of awesome looking.  I am currently working on the binding.  I like that I shopped my stash for the fabrics, backing, and binding. 

Since I finished the applique project I guess I should work on another project that has been sitting around for a while too.  More machine applique.  

I am using some specialty threads.  I have a lot more to do, but starting is good in my book. 

I saw this towel at work and thought it was awesome.

I think this towel needed to come out about a year ago when we were on a much more stringent lock down.  

After days of cold, some minus temperatures, snow, ice we had this today.

We actually got to 51 degrees.  It was nice to be outside and walk a bit.

While I have been resting up I have been reading.

Night Walker by Jean Hager, this is the 2nd installment of the Mitch Bushyhead series.  An odious resort owner is found dead during a blizzard in one of his employees vehicles.  Mitch has to calm the fears of the Native employees who fear a Night Walker, a Cherokee Witch.  Is it the housekeeper recently fired, and is in fear of losing her home.  The desk clerk that he had been having a extra marital affair?  The chef that was actively looking for a new position, but due to a negative reference, has lost future opportunities?  How about his younger sister, and he controls her trust?  Or the estranged wife he is currently engaged in a bitter divorce?

Cinco De Murder by Rebecca Adler.  This is the 3rd installment of the Taste of Texas Mysteries.  It is Fiesta Cinco De Mayo in Broken Boot, Texas. When one of the top contenders in the Chili Cook Off is found dead, Josie Callahan is determined to find the culprit, since the town council wants to oust her uncle due to the murder at the event.  

Death in Kalkinchie by Carly Reid.  Jessica Greer is settling into village life in Dalkinchie, Scotland.  Working at the local newspaper she is covering the Crafts Show and while the head judge is sampling the marmalade from the local Laird's cook, he keels over dead.  

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like Posts.  


  1. You aren't late for Valentine's Day, you are early for it for 2022 ;) I have a couple of Jean Hagar books (2 with quilting themes and one Indian mystery).

  2. I admire anyone that does such beautiful machine applique! You have a good headstart for Valentines 2022! Love the Quartini towel! Have a safe and happy day!

  3. Lots of good titles to add to my reading list! Your Valentine appliqué project links fun! Hope you show the whole thing or are you going to make us wait til next year! “Heehee!” Hope you are enjoying a little down time, will you get busy for Easter again soon?

  4. Good Morning, Colette, your applique is lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. Good to hear you have had time to sew. Hearts are good for any day of the year. We had a warm day yesterday, too. Then the wind picked up last night and the temperatures dropped 40 degrees. Today is sunny and breezy but the kitties are enjoying the greenhouse effect of the glass back door in the kitchen ... and watching the birds and the critters. May you have a happy day ... :) Pat

  5. So glad things have slowed down at work and you've gotten some time for sewing and reading! Your applique designs look sweet. You'll definitely have the perfect tabletopper ready for next February!

  6. Happy you have recovered...that was insane. Who knew Paczkis were so popular! Meanwhile, interesting stitching going on...I will look forward to seeing the machine appliqued flower. As long as you are happy stitching, there is no such thing as late. Enjoy it all, Colette.

  7. you can enter your table runner in the Table Scraps challenge tomorrow... at the joyfulquilter

  8. Quarantini.... lol. The bits of your appliques look pretty. I look forward to see what they look like altogether.

  9. Good idea to finish the Valentine project right away. When I set such things aside, I usually forget about them. Now it will be ready for 2022. Nice that you have a little break at work before the Easter madness sets in. What's the big seller for Easter? Lots of pastel icing, I'm sure. Temperatures have been on a roller coaster all over the country this week. But that means spring is on the way. Have a good week.

  10. Your applique projects are pretty. Glad you got to sew. Feels good to finish

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing your appliqué work. Wow! That high temp must have felt like a heat wave.

  12. Such gorgeous applique projects! Our temperatures got a little warmer this week. Spring is right around the corner!


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