Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Whirlwind Week and 178 I Like Thursday Posts

 Welcome to my 178th I like Thursday post.  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things to share on a weekly basis that we like/love.  I will say that when you take time to reflect on your week, even thought at first you think there is nothing to share, take a deep breath and think of all the things you are thankful for and it changes your whole perspective.  

This week was a whirlwind in a way for me.  Many 12 hour days, working 6 days in a row and Wednesday night crept up on me.  I thought at first did I have anything this week to share? 

On October 1, I celebrated the 35th trip around the sun for my middle daughter, Rebecca.  As I was thinking about her I had a fun remembrance of her and her sisters loving the movie Hocus Pocus, and that she did an awesome Bette Midler impression of Winifred Sanderson.  Imagine my delight when I discovered there is a line of Hocus Pocus fabric.   I had an idea for an awesome gift.  Pillowcases! 

The green is not part of the Hocus Pocus line but I thought it set off the fabrics well. 

A little trivia for you.  Did you know that the boy in the movie Hocus Pocus that played Thackery is now the man, Sean Murray that has played on NCIS for the past 18 seasons!  Since 2003-2021! To add to the present a BluRay of Hocus Pocus, and then another movie, the 1933 version of Little Women with Katherine Hepburn.   My children learned to appreciate the old black and white movies while growing up.  

Tripping around the store one night I discovered another set of fall decorations.

What looks like a braided corn husk pumpkin.  It is amazing what customers jettison out of their cart all throughout the store.  This one was sitting on a cookie display.
A glass pumpkin.  Probably not glass but some sort of pottery.  I like how it looks like it has a cable knit pattern on it. 
This sweet little bird sitting on a pumpkin that says gratitude.

Another knit pumpkin.  

Then there was this awesome apron for fall.  You don't see aprons often so I thought it was kind of cool.

I like to try to make sure I drink at least 64 oz of water a day.  I saw a water bottle on a site that my sister-in-law sells her art, so I had to have it.  I love her fir tree with Mt. Hood which says Oregon.

I am so thrilled to see her earning money with her art!

Fall is here, at least per this maple leaf that greeted me on my steps yesterday.  

I just love the bright yellow changing to orange on the edges.

Books that I have read recently:

Going with a farm theme this week.

Farm to Trouble by Amanda Flower.  Shiloh Bellamy cashes in her 401K and her big city job to return to her small hometown in Michigan to run the family farm.  She is determined to turn it into a sustainable organic farm.  Except for her investor is found dead, and Shiloh is determined to discover who killed one of the most hated men in the area. 

Pulp Friction by Julie Anne Lindsey is the 2nd installment in the Cider Shop Mysteries.  Winnie's new Cider shop has Smythe Orchards out of the red.  Until during a bridal reception the groom is discovered dead, and Winnie's ex-beau, Hank was seen running from the area after a heated argument with the groom. 
Rotten to the Core by Sheila Connolly is the 2nd installment in the Orchard Mysteries.  Meg Corey discovers another body on her farm, this time in the orchard spring house.  The victim has been poisoned with pesticides, who is this person and who would want to kill him?  Unfortunately too many to count, when Meg discovers his identity.
Sowing Malice by Wendy Tyson is the 6th book in the Greenhouse mysteries.  Megan Sawyer witnesses an exchange between three strangers, and Megan trying to be helpful gives one a lift to a funeral.  Only the person goes missing, one of the other strangers accuses Megan of the disappearance the the third person is discovered dead on Megan's farm. 

Thanks for stopping by this week.  Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Love those pumpkins and the pretty yellow leaf
    Fun likes

  2. I enjoyed all of it especially the pumpkin parade

  3. That must be a great store you work at - food and cool seasonal things! Love the different kinds of pumpkins you shared. Happy Birthday to your daughter! The Hocus Pocus pillow cases are a wonderful idea. Our kids appreciate old movies, too,

  4. I love that single leaf. Fall fabrics are so much fun.

  5. You always make me smile with the positive things you find to post about. Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite pillowcases! Twelve hour days and six work days is a lot. I hope you get some time off to unwind. xo

  6. My kids loved Hocus Pocus too. I never realized that Sean Murray is the same actor. I love the cute decorations you found. I think you should rest after working all those hours.

  7. That fabric is perfect and what a great idea to sew pillowcases. She will love it. I did not know that fact about Sean either. I think the pumpkins you showed esp. the knit one are my favourites. Work has been keeping you busy!

  8. Hi Colette! Sean Murray on NCIS - who would have thought?!! I love that show. What a great gift for Rebecca!! I'll bet she loved it. Ooh, some good books for the week. Thankfully, our library has two of those authors - I'll get them for Sue and her Mom! Thank you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. I lvoe all of the fall decor you have shown....I just love the fall season...especially no more scorching heat.


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