Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Deep Stash Diving

Yesterday I lamented that I did not have much brown (ok technically I whined) but lament sounds so much more mature.  Right?!?

I did a deep stash dive today before I wandered back to my never ending organic straight line quilting of the baby quilt.  I dove so deep I am sure I was down at least 2 if not three atmospheres, and once I headed toward the surface I was going to have to make a couple of decompression stops along the way.    Can you tell I have been reading novels which include a lot of diving lately?   I had to look it up but an atmosphere is approximately 33 feet when you are diving.

Do you know that when you have your stash all folded sometimes stuff squishes around and it is difficult to see it especially fat quarters, but I think I was successful.  

It is hard to believe that browns have such a range from golden browns, to chocolate browns to even gray toned, purple toned, and pink tone browns. 

While digging I also found some really ugly fabric!
No I didn't use this one, even though there were a lot of browns.  I actually cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips.  Someone once said if it is still ugly you haven't cut it into small enough units.  I cut some of it up into tumblers, as well as some others that I found.
While these were not ugly like the one it was nice cutting up these small chunks to be able to use up the scraps.  They were turned into tumbler units. 

Do you know what is in your stash? 


  1. I am finding things in my stash that I had forgotten about and also I have ideas that I KNOW I have the perfect fabric for. Only I went diving in the wrong ocean LOL that's why I am using it up.........this is going to be the year (you whine, er um lament while I lie, er uh have high expectations)

  2. NOPE!! Even if I dig through, I seem to FORGET (ah ye olde
    brain;--000)soon after I re-organize it all.
    Before the holidays I had put all the cool colors and the hot colors together in their piles...so now I have hot and cold running mish-mash!! My browns went in with the neutrals....going to try to use that hot/cold idea in my next piece. Maybe a Legos quilt for those small uglis--and here I thought that was a fruit lol hugs, Julierose

  3. No idea what is in my stash, it is overgrowing my house. I think that LarryPug peed on the box of brown fabric. I guess he doesn't like it either!

  4. Yay for finding your browns! I am pretty aware of what's in my stash these days as I have been cleaning and tossing and gifting my way thru the excess...still a long way to go but it was been an education to me how much my tastes have changed...and a warning to not buy so far ahead in the future? maybe?

  5. I know I still haven't found all my fabric, some I remember buying I can't find and I know no one stole it

  6. I know I still haven't found all my fabric, some I remember buying I can't find and I know no one stole it

  7. Are you kidding? I'm always finding goodies which makes it so much fun. ;-)

  8. I think I might be too scared to do deep stash diving! I keep finding things from ages ago that I had forgotten about.

  9. I love brown quilts because they make me feel all warm and snuggly. I've been deep diving for the last few months and have been finding some fabrics I'd forgotten about. Some of them I'm shaking my head at and wondering why I bought them in the first place!


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