Thursday, February 11, 2016

Julierose to the Rescue

My last couple of posts were about my hunt through my stash to locate some brown fabrics for the month of February's RSC.

You can read them here at My Brown Lament and here at Deep Stash Diving.

Imagine my surprise and delight when a package showed up in my mailbox.

Thank you so very much Julierose from Julierosequilt.  I appreciate the package greatly.  I teased her since she had recently made a comment about doing a destash....I asked if I was part of her destash plan.  (Huge cheesy smiley face)  There are some great modern fabrics in here that will go great in the twisted blossoms and I love the Asian print with the dragon and tiger.

I finally finished the baby quilt.  I started out with a binding dilemma.  I had purchased some what I thought were fat quarters a couple of years ago.  I had calculated with a couple of fat quarters I could probably get enough binding done for a baby quilt.

Imagine my chagrin when I discovered these were only fat 8ths and they were not really even cut straight.  With fat quarters doing the binding with the fake flange I could have made it work.  Fat 8ths--not even remotely. Ugh something which is going to get cut up and thrown into my scraps.  I did make a run to JAF and found this fun green stripe which you can see below,  that worked too, but I really did love the blues, and blacks, and the bubbles in the fabric above. 

I did get my binding done, and sewn on even though I was having some challenges so I actually ended up basting the binding down before I machine stitched it.

You can see I need to take my basting threads out, and trim up the loose threads.  I even managed to make a label.  I did Susie's Magic Binding from a tutorial I saw and I love how it turns out with the little fake flange. 

I also made a label. 
I used the bubble jet set and still need to do the rinse part.  Then figure out if I want to turn the sides over and hem them to attach the label, or do a fabric frame.  I am leaning toward a fabric frame.  This one is almost done and out the door! 

Now I need to decide what I am going to pick up and finish, and work on. 


  1. love that Julie. isnt she a sweetie pie? you got some great browns there.
    your green blue bubble fabric is fabulous. too bad you didnt have enough
    that is because it is waiting for another special purpose you know.....
    your label is great too. such a fun quilt this is. the recipient will love it I am sure. and those extra blocks will make a cute baby quilt to have on hand for those babies that pop into our lives from time to time.

  2. Yay for finishes and fabric packages in the mail :)

  3. Oh so happy that the fabrics will be useful. I could see those little foxy faces when I looked at your fiish--you are getting very fancy--binding with flange ;--)))..hugs, julierose

  4. Fat 8ths are pretty much useless. Sorry about that.

  5. I have a fat eight bundle and it just sits there . Not a good fabric choose but looks pretty on your shelf

  6. That was nice of Julie - very kind.


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