Saturday, February 13, 2016

What Good is a Fat 8th?

What do you do with a fat 8th?  I asked that question the other day after discovering the fabric that I wanted to use for binding was only a fat 8th instead of a couple of fat quarters.  You can see that post here.

I had made a label for the baby quilt and decided to put a binding type of frame around it.  I didn't want to use the same fabric that I was using for the binding, so I decided to use part of the fat 8th that I had wanted to use for the binding.

I managed to come up with a way to slip this fabric in someway.
After washing my label faded a bit, but overall it still looks good.  I love that I got to use the fabric, and what was left from the one fat 8th was cut up to go into the tumbler quilt, as well as strips into the scrap basket system. I just machine stitched around it to mount to the quilt.  You can see it a bit on the front of the quilt, but I tried a new (to me) thread called Bottom Line by Superior thread.  I will say that I do love it to use in my bobbins while piecing.  Plus it wasn't as intrusive on the front of the quilt.

What can you do with a fat 8th?  I think a fat 8th is perfect for anything you want to do in little bits, but I think that they would be wonderful for applique.  In fact the last couple of days when I have been doing applique I have been using fabric from some of the fat 8ths which I had on my shelves.  


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