Monday, February 1, 2016

My Brown Lament

What color is missing in your stash?  I know we all seem to lean toward certain colors, and sometimes even certain fabric styles, but do you have some colors that are utterly lacking from your stash?  Brown is my color.  I don't have much brown.   Imagine my chagrin when it was announced that the color for the month of February by SoScrappy is brown.  Insert huge frownie face here!

I managed to unearth maybe 10 browns in my stash.  Not near enough!

I wanted to make 4 fox blocks for each month.  Yes I know I only shared one blue fox for last month, but I actually had three more cut out.  I just hadn't sewn them yet.

Blue Foxes
 My skulk of foxes so far.
How am I going to make 2 more brown foxes, a twisted blossom, Saw Toothed Square, Crown and Star, and Navajo block when I don't have brown scraps? 

Twisted blossom is made up of more modern fabrics, Crown and Star and Saw Toothed Square are reproduction/antique looking fabrics, and Navajo was going to be made of solids.  Am I allowed to buy fabric for  RSC blocks?


  1. Brown can be a hard one, though believe it or not, I have trouble with blue :) Can you use your creamy neutrals and call them tan brown?

  2. Brown is a color it seems you either have a lot or none. I've made a lot of football quilts...Let's just say I have a few scraps. Not my favorite color but I understand your dilemma. Cream and tan?

  3. All I have is scraps from Tommy s quilt, you want them?

  4. I'm good with Browns but I lack blues.

  5. Love the foxes! Have fun buying more fabric!

  6. Of course you can buy more fabric, or, send me your snail mail address, and I'll mail you some of my brown scraps (since I don't usually use my scraps). Using someone else's scraps wouldn't be cheating, either.

  7. You have such wonderful foxes here! It will be a great quilt!

  8. I don't have much brown either. What are you making with all your foxes?


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