Sunday, January 31, 2016

Looking Forward to a New Week

Last week was very busy.  I used to think that if I watched the kids at home I would get so much more sewing accomplished.  Boy was I wrong. 

When the boys arrive home they are asking for a snack.  While it may only be a couple of hours until dinner I like to give them something to hold them over.  Last week I tried a new Snickerdoodle recipe.  The cookies were nice and soft, but they were very large.  They were a hit with the family though. 

Tuesday was DH and my 3rd anniversary.  So I made some of his favorite foods.  Chicken and broccoli casserole for dinner, and fresh banana cake for dessert (no I do not make dessert every night!). 

I make a stabilized whipped cream frosting and believe it or not the cake keeps several days in the refrigerator. 

DH gave me a dozen roses for our anniversary.

I am terrible when it comes to quilting, I tend to be slow, and will quilt for a short time then move to something else.  I started to work on the monthly block for the quilt guild's friendship block.
This is the guild fabric.  We were supposed to use a red to match, but it was not to have a one way design.
I thought about this one, which is similar to Moda Grunge, but I think I purchased it a JAF.  While looking at it for some reason it seemed to have a one way design so I was not thrilled with it.  I then chose this red instead.
I think my block turned out alright.
I decided it was time to work on machine stitching some of the applique which I have been working on.
The cowboy from the Row by Row from Friends and Co. quilt shop in Cody, Wyoming. 
I also finished one of the blocks from a Row by Row from Bits & Pieces Quilt Shop in Wayne, Michigan.  Once I have the blocks appliqued I will wait to determine if I will sew it together vertically or horizontally.  The Row by Row kits are kind of nice to have a quick little finish. 

I will say that I am looking forward to the new week, and new month too. 


  1. LOVE snickerdoodles. can I come over after school? LOL
    congrats on your 3 year anniversary! heres hoping for many more.
    LOVE your block for guild. very pretty paisley you got there.
    your row by row blocks are coming along nicely too.

    I am still in UFO mode.........but looking at them with fresh eyes and fresh ideas

  2. Congrats on your anniversary :) Those snickerdoodles look so yummy!! And, I believe it looks as though you are accomplishing lots...really!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary - beautiful roses! Yummy banana cake! Your heart block turned out perfect.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Lots of cute blocks (again). I love snickerdoodles. I cheat, and use a cookie scoop.

  5. Happy anniversary, so glad I "meet" you

  6. Happy anniversary! The roses are beautiful. Love your Valentine's quilt!

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary! That cake looks yummy and the flowers are beautiful!


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