Thursday, January 21, 2016


Do you ever get an idea, you don't write it down, nor do you completely figure it out, you just sort of have a concept?  Start working on it and think, maybe this was not the best thought out idea? 

I thought about doing a female lion, but I already have one lion.  The lioness is 10 x 9.  I would have to probably pull the monkey block, but I love the monkey block.  The other thing is that I would have a big empty space somewhere on the side, but to switch it to the other side kind of make the piece look unbalanced.  . 

I have a deer pattern which I could use which is 12 x 12.  I would just change it up so it doesn't look like Rudolph.  With the pale background and a bit darker brown for the deer face but the dark brown for the antlers it may work. 

Again though if I did the deer then I would have to take the monkey out.  I could take the monkey out and use it on the back as a label.  The option would be to do a small bear block by the monkey. 

I have considered an alligator--too threatening, squirrels, I saw this super cute baby sea turtle (but cannot find a pattern, nor is the blog where it appeared active any longer), cow, chicken, sheep, pig and even a dog.  None seem to fit. 

While I was at a standstill today I worked on the 2nd block for the RSC.  I chose the crown and star pattern from Quilter's Cache.  A beautiful pattern which looks complicated, but it is very simple, especially if you have a scant 1/4 inch seam, and square up your blocks.  Here is a link to the block.  Crown and Star.

Its a big block- 16 inches.  I loved the soft blue fabric that I used.

Still contemplating my baby quilt.  Maybe I should just make the lioness block, bear block and the deer block and audition different layouts since nothing is written in stone.


  1. My suggestion is a bit outside the box but I would put the panel on the back with a bit of neutral or complimentary solid added to make it the right size and make a two-sided quilt. We all have an opinion, only yours matters though :)

  2. will there be animals top and bottom of the panel or was that sort of the size you were going for. what about a snake? he could twist and wind around the blocks and hiss at the top. as for the balance move some of the lighter guys to the left. maybe that could solve the size issue? play is the only way....lookin good so far! love that deer

  3. You can always put the extra blocks on the back of the quilt.

  4. I love Kris's idea of making a two-sided quilt! All of those animal blocks are waaaayyyyy too adorable to leave any one of them out! And baby gets two quilts instead of one - win-win!!!

  5. Yep, I am often winging it with the quilting. I do like the Monkey too. Decisions....decisions....

  6. I have no worthwhile suggestions. I know it will be cute whatever you decide.

  7. well you can't get rid of a monkey. A pig is a great choice... they don't threaten too many others since they are about the business of eating. I love a croc... it could be a vegetarian croc....everyone's doing it!

  8. LOL! LA was funny and I too like the idea of a two sided quilt! I've never worked with a panel I can only imagine. DOn't limit what feels right and go for it:) (All the animals are stinking cute though!)


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