Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Midweek Update

Well I made it through Wednesday, and I don't feel too out of control yet.  Not bad for the 6th day of the new year.

 I now have 3 of the animals done for my quilt. (You can see two in the previous post).  I finished off Hazel Hedgehog.  She turned out soooo cute!

Saturday after DH and I stopped at the quilt shop we went to lunch, then wandered around some small shops in a town called Dundee.  They have a candle store, and normally I am not a fan, I don't like the sweet smelling candles that smell like frosting, cinnamon rolls, coffee.  This shop does have those but they also have some which are herb and more clean smelling.  What was really cool is that you can buy a quart container of soy wax with the scent that you like and make your own candles at home.  The oldest daughter had given DH and I three drinking jars which looked like colored mason jars for Christmas.  We took 2 of them and made candles Monday night while I worked on Hazel. 

 Tuesday was a no sew day.  The MIL had been in a car accident Monday morning.  There was a light skiff of snow, and Thelma and Louise (The MIL and her sister--not their real names) were on their way to visit their youngest sister in the nursing home, when someone came out of a side road, and T-boned them at the pillar between the front and rear passenger doors where the MIL was sitting.  Thelma and Louise are doing fine, but the car is probably totaled. I insisted that DH and I go and check on her to make sure she was alright and see if we needed to cart her off to the hospital since she didn't go on Monday.  We also needed to do a wee bit of grocery shopping.  The MIL was doing well, and we went out to dinner then to the grocery store so we ended up with a late evening. 

 I got this cutie cut out and started to sew him on Wednesday.

I made 2 loaves of banana bread to take to the kids, and we made a large bowl of  leaf salad, and 3 gallons of cabbage salad Wednesday evening so not a whole lot was accomplished sewing that day either.

I have been doing the tumblers as leader and enders.  I have enough that I could probably make about 5 rows so far. 

I get quite a few done every day when I am sewing even if it is only for an hour or so.  I don't want to sew them into rows yet, because I am constantly cutting tumblers from scraps and I think I will have more of a variety if I wait to sew the tumblers into complete rows. 

Has your mailbox been jammed the past couple of weeks?  I am not just talking Christmas cards, and presents, but also seed catalogs.  Makes you start thinking spring.  Obviously I am on the gardening database.  I think I have only ordered seed from 3 of these companies.

The majority of these came this week.  One day I had 5 shoved into my mailbox.  Wednesday afternoon I also had this sweet package in my mailbox.

I won Barbara's give away for her blog anniversary at wont-to-be quilter.  Aren't these sweet?  I could use some of the blues in my blocks for the RSC this month.  I have been working on cutting one block between working on the baby quilt.  I chose the hardest block to work on first.  I hope by next December it will be 2nd nature and not take as much thought. 

I am looking forward to the weekend and sewing.  Thank goodness it is Wednesday night!


  1. Love that cute hedgehog and congrats on winning! hugs, Julierose

  2. love that little hedgehog. he is a darling. your tumblers are coming along and looking great. I want to make mine scrappy too. I have never made my own candles but I agree with you on the sweet smelling ones. YUCK. I lean toward the clean smells too or balsam. reminds me of outdoors. congrats on your win!

  3. Great progress on your animals :) I have another bunny cut out but not sewn yet...I am going to drop some WIPs but that is one I am sticking with! Glad to hear your family is ok, starting to get into that kind of weather...did you stop at Cabellas while you were at it? I haven't been to a quilt shop there but we make it to the big C a few times a year.

  4. I LOVE the hedgehog!!! Sooo cute.

    I'm glad that your MIL was fine. They were very lucky as that can be a really bad accident.

    Your candles look so nice and I'll bet they will smell wonderful. I am not a fan of the sweet smelling ones either.

  5. Like hazel, you do a lot plus work to. I have most of every day to play

  6. Love the hedgehog - just catching up reading blogs after a great holiday at the beach - no internet. Its been fun reading what you have been up to.

  7. Love the hedgehog! Glad your MIL is doing okay.


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