Thursday, January 7, 2016

Monkeying Around

I finished the monkey.  I definitely pushed my limit today because I had to take it apart too many times to count. 

 Here are the 4 animals I have completed.  I have 4 more, then I will try to arrange it into the quilt. 
The whole time I was making the monkey I kept thinking of a song my great grandmother used to sing to me called Animal Fair.

I know the version she sang to me was a wee bit different.  But the song made me smile.  The verse I knew was that would be considered "politically incorrect" would be the section about the monkey.

The monkey he got drunk
And sat on the elephants trunk
The elephant sneezed and
Fell on his knees, but 
What became of the monk, the monk, the monk.

Have a great Friday everyone.  TGIF!


  1. Looking good, so many cute animal faces for the recipient to smile and talk about as well as maybe name?

  2. Remember that song! Love your animal blocks

  3. You are just having fun monkeying around! Ha!

  4. These are so adorable! I need to get moving on them or something. I've never heard that song...too funny!

  5. What a cute quilt this is going to be. Someone's going to be very happy when they receive it.

  6. Very cute and I remember that song too!


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