Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Sunday Sewing Day

Lessons learned.  When there are lots of men in the house, do not ask what they would like for not even give them choices, because no one will choose the same option.  I chose.  I made pancakes.   

After breakfast I did the dishes, then started to sew. 

I finished up my elephant for the baby quilt. Then decided I needed a wee bit of a break from the baby quilt before I started to cut out the next animal, so I decided to work on one of the blocks for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge that I had selected.  I had been picking out fabrics and cutting for the past week or so.

It did not come out perfect, but by the time I was done, I decided it was good enough.  Hopefully the next block I will go together easier.  I did finally go back to working on the baby quilt, and got part of it cut out while dinner was cooking. 

Today I decided to make Spinach Pie for dinner.  I think it turned out very good, and it even looked pretty too!  But I will say that I forget how labor intensive making it can be.  It wouldn't be quite as much work if the fresh spinach did not have all the stems, removing those seems to take the most time.

I also wanted to share the cute cookie cutters that I found on Massdrop.

Aren't these too cute?!?!  Now to talk DH into making cookies again. 

Isn't it nice to have a day to sew?  Especially when you have been so busy? 


  1. love that elephant block. so so cute! and the blue block is nice too.
    your dinner looks delish!
    I'll come over and make some cookies with those cute cutters! It would be worth the trip LOL
    a sewing day is the best isnt it?

  2. I think Mr. Elephant is so cute!! and that pie looks so scrumptious...glad you found time (and energy!!lol) to sew...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. It's always great to sew now but for years I hated it

  4. That blue block is fabulous. I like the elephant too.

    The cookie cutters are so much fun. I tried to get them on Massdrop, but they sold out too quickly. Have fun with them.

  5. I bought me some of those cookie cutters, before Christmas (massdrop, too). My problem is that I don't make rolled out cookies. day....either way, they sure are cute!

  6. Your elly is lovely and that spinach pie looks so yummy - making me hungry

  7. Since my husband works Sundays....I always look forward to my Sunday Sew cays!! I feel sooo spoiled....

  8. Your spinach pie looks delicious! Your block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge looks so detailed and amazing. Love the cookie cutters!

  9. Cute elephant and cutters. Your pie looks delicious. I love the rainbow blocks.


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