Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Blues

I decided to throw my lot in with all the wonderful quilters over at SoScrappy for the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Blue is the color for the month of January.

I know I showed a couple of  these two before.

Twisted Blossom
Crown and Star

 In between quilting the baby quilt, I would take a bit of a break and cut pieces to make some  more blue squares.  I will say that I do love the Bloc-Loc HST rulers.  They are fabulous for squaring up.
Saw Toothed Square

Bloc Loc rulers come in really handy when you are squaring up 28 HST.  I actually managed to square up 28 HST in less than 15 minutes.  
Fancy Fox

At the last minute today I decided I wanted to make a quilt from scraps with the Fancy Fox pattern, I have some more blues pulled to make a couple of more in the next day or so. I think the faces are so cute!  

I will say it is nice to have these to use as a break when doing a lot of quilting, or or working on one specific quilt.  It helps keep things fresh. 


  1. Really great projects! Love the fox face! Just makes me smile!!

  2. LOVE that Twisted Blossom block!!! The fox is a cutie, too.

  3. So many nice blocks, I particularly like Twisted Blossom and the little fox.

  4. loving all your blue blocks. that fox is adorable isnt he? maybe the start of a foxy lady quilt? lol

  5. Lovely blue blocks--Foxy Mr. Blue is so cute!! Hugs, Julierose

  6. Where did you get that fuller and how much does it cost?

  7. You've got some beautiful blue going on here!

  8. Love Twisted Blossoms and that fox in blue!

  9. The Twisted Blossom block is great and I just love your Fancy Fox.


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