Friday, January 15, 2016

The Zoo

Oh it has been a week!

Grandson #5 was born late Tuesday night!  He weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs 5 oz and is 18 inches tall.  I don't have any pics. He was born with special needs.  It is going to be a real struggle for the family, but with lots of love and prayers everyone will adapt to the necessary changes.

Wednesday night the kids came to live with us.  Boy has it been exciting, stressful, at times fun, and there have been a few tears.  We will eventually settle into a routine, sooner than later I hope.

Thursday night was Quilt guild.  Yes I actually left the house, even though DH was clinging to my leg begging me to not leave him alone with them....(just kidding, he loves being with the little gentlemen and there was only a tiny tear as I left).   At guild we had a great speaker, her name is Nancy  Clark McNally, she has had numerous quilts in Quilter's World, Fons & Porter, Quilty, and Quiltmaker as well as a series of videos-  I will just say her trunk show was fabulous! 

Guild has several groups, strips swaps, bag ladies, fat quarter swap, and friendship block.  I shared the block for the month of January here for the friendship block group.
The blue fabric was in the envelope, and you were to add a light gray.  Above is my block.  The group I sit with was teasing me, asking if I decided to join any groups this year.  I told them yep I joined the friendship group and was a friendship block newbie (ok I really didn't use that term I used the 'V' word).  They were all laughing when my name was announced.  I won part of the blocks which had been returned!  Which meant I received 11 blocks.  I played with them for a few minutes today to get an idea what I could do with them.

If I found another blue which blended and made 5 more blocks I would have a nice 4 X 4 layout and I think it looks kind of cool. 

Today we settled into a bit of a routine.  The boys will get signed up for school next week (I hope).  We had part of the paperwork which was necessary, but we had one more form, and had to request it from the district and are waiting for them to send it to us. Anyway I decided that I would try to sew a bit today.  I had a helper, and we made a boatload of leaders, he was having fun matching up lights, and darks for me.  I did manage to get my zebra for the baby quilt finished. 
Three more animals to go--I got an elephant cut out and started to sew him this afternoon.  I am not too sure if I am going to back it with cuddle fleece, minky, or flannel,but I am looking forward to getting this one completed. 

Today is the littlest man's birthday.  He is 3, so they went out to celebrate and have cake with his dad.  DH and I have a wee bit of quiet time.  I think this song suits the week we have had. 

Have a wonderful weekend from the Zoo!


  1. Oh my goodness, how do you find any time to sew. Love the zebra block and those blue and grey blocks are stunning. Have fun with the littles and congrats on the new baby grandson!

  2. congrats on the new baby. love your animal quilt. that is going to be a beauty. and the blue and gray blocks are gorgeous. YOU GO GIRL!
    glad you and hubs had a little quiet time. that is important with all of the changes going on.

  3. I like those blocks you won (and made). That snowflake fabric is great! The animal blocks are sew cute! I might have to look for those patterns (I have a few years before grandbabies start coming).

  4. Love the blocks, maybe youngest will learn to make quilts

  5. You are an amazing superwoman ! My prayers go out to your new little grand baby..--loving your zebra so in its sorrows and joys--they so often go hand in hand....hugs and good thoughts winging your way..Julierose

  6. Congratulations on the arrival of the newest little one. Having worked NICU, I understand the challenges that are ahead, but they will find him such a blessing.

    Your house must be busy. I'm sure a routine will soon arrive and those quiet moments will be more frequent. Little boys do have a lot of energy!!!!

  7. Congratulations on the new family addition! That you were even able to sew with all that's going on is amazing. Looks like the guild will be a wonderful escape for you until things settle down.

  8. Congratulation on being a Grandma again. Prayers for the little one. Love the blue quilt - such a nice design set out. And the Zebra looks great.

  9. Congrats on your newest little guy :) Prayers for his health and happiness :)


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