Friday, May 31, 2013

May Finishes and a $100 block

Today is the last day of May.  The Middle Minion had his last day of school yesterday with an ice cream party.  Being the last day of May it is also the day to link up with Carrie at a Passion for Applique' and the Nothing but UFO for 2013 Linky Party.

My goals for May were light.  My parents visited until the 14th and I started working a part time job.

1.  Teach my mother how to do a star block.  Using the Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star

I followed the directions and made the LeMoyne Star.
Not the star she wanted.  So I kept messing around and made this:
Then I showed my mother how to make it and she ended up with this beautiful table runner.

I am so proud of her.  She has quilted for a few years, but she had never made a quilt with a triangle in it let alone a diamond.  It turned out so cute, and then she FMQ it on her own machine.  Gigantic Shout Out to my MOM!

So I did manage to accomplish this goal.

2.  I am going to make a couple of Kanzashi Flowers.  I made 4 to be exact.  Two large, two small.
3.  Sandwich the Ginger Rose-  That will get done today since yesterday I pieced the back.

Update---I finished piecing the batting and pin basted the quilt together.  Now for some FMQ!

For extra measure this month I made this cute little coin purse for my MIL for Mother's Day.
I made a small sewing pouch and pop up thread catcher for my mother, and a thread catcher for my sister too.
And I finished the Hugs and Kisses quilt top from Christa's Quilt A Long.  I had this wild idea for the back and I will show more when I am finished.

Now for the $100 block.  If you see my post Sultry Thursday in May? I had started to make paper pieced letters for the back of the quilt which will be the grand daughter's name.  I had a couple of problems at first, but read, and watched a couple of tutorials and banged out 4 in an afternoon.  (OK no one ever accused me of being fast.)  While working on replacing the hard drive on my computer which meant reinstalling the operating system, all the drivers, anti virus, programs I use all the time I thought I would work on the next letter which was an S.
Lets just say that the computer was up and running before the S was done.  I took it apart so many times and when I got it to this point.  I decided good enough.  I love the little pink and white flower material in it, I just had a little piece of it maybe 10 X 12 inches.  I think it may have been a lawn it was so soft and delicate, so I did not want to scrap it and start again.

With sadness we will bid the month of May 2013 adieu.  The end of the school year is coming up and the boys will be moving to the summer house.

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  1. Kudos to your mom! That is a very nice table runner. She is brave doing the star, something I probably won't ever try.
    Looks like a great month for you as far as your goals go.


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