Friday, May 24, 2013

Measure Twice Cut Once

When I originally started making the Ginger Rose Quilt the finished size was about the size of a full size bed.  DH wanted it larger. 
So I found some fabric and ordered it and made it larger.  88 X 108

When I first started making this quilt I purchased 7 yards of the fabric line for backing. 
 The backing I originally ordered would have fit the original size of the quilt.  Not anymore.  And to add to it.  I knew I was going to  have to piece it to fit.  Well I am now going to have to piece it even more, and add some kind of scrappy goodness to the back to make it work.  Why?  

I decided that if I took 96 inches I could piece two of those and a portion of another maybe with a bit of scrappy blocks to make it 114 inches long. I measured, and cut, and discovered I cut my fabric into three 72 inch lengths and after I took the selvedges off it is only about 42 inches wide.  I also have 1 more yard left.....If I calculated correctly I need to figure out something which is approximately 8 inches wide and about 100 inches long.  I think I may be able to scavenge enough scraps of the quilt from my stash to do it.

On a more happier note.  My computer is kind of fixed.  Needs a new hard drive, but that means that I am going to have to change out the old one, and lose some things that I really love to have like Microsoft Office more than likely.  Everything else has been backed up on my external drive.  Since I haven't had a computer I did finish getting my Hugs and Kisses quilt pieced together and I am working on the borders now.  Ordered fabric today for the backing, and binding, and I have a special little girl in mind for this one as a gift.  

It is all red, pink, green and brown hearts, polka dots, stripes yumminess.  

So after my faux pas so much for my plan to pin baste the ginger rose this weekend.  Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe.


  1. I get so mad at myself when I cut my fabric wrong when I have checked and double checked first. I get goofed up so easily.

  2. It's a super pretty quilt, a scrappy back will look great !

  3. Rebecca the Ginger Rose is for Jeff the Hugs and Kisses is going to go to Addyson.

  4. So technically its for you mom lol

    1. Yes Rebecca it is for my home. Go pick up your quilt at grandma's. Also you are a no replay commenter. Fix it. Love ya.

    2. How I've never done the blog thing?


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