Monday, May 6, 2013

Seis De Mayo

It is May 6 already and it has been busy.

I made a couple of Kanzashi flowers from the flower makers which turned out pretty cute.  I have made 3 so far I want to make a couple more.

This weekend was the community garage sale, and the Historical Society's Flea Market.  Saturday my mom and I snuck away and went to St Andrews Piecemaker's 10th annual Quilt show in Dexter, Michigan.  Unfortunately this is their last year for the show, too much work anymore.

These are just a few of the 80+ quilts which were on display.  They were all either made by the piecemakers or part of their collections. Unfortunately all of the quilts were draped over the pews so they were difficult to see at times and get a good idea of  how good the quilting was. 

After the quilt show we went to my favorite "local" quilt shop, The Quilt Patch in Tecumseh, Michigan and made a few purchases.


Sunday was the big sale day, it is the one day the Flea Market is running, and the Flat Rock Speedway is set up with vendors on the track, the midfield, and the pit areas with everything imaginable.  I saw a couple of Featherweights with cases $225, and $275.  I didn't want them that bad.  I did find something I did want a puzzle box.

This little box came with the original singer treadles and held all the different attachments, feet, and other accoutrements.

Yes there is a mess inside, but someday I will sit down and straighten it all out.

Then DH spotted this little beauty.

This is a Singer 128 Blackside.  See the crinkly black finish, the faceplate is black, the throat plate is black, and she should be a knee operated machine, the little hole in the front of the box would be where her kneebar fit.  Unfortunately the seller had misplaced the kneebar.  From what I understand just being a blackside makes her valuable to collectors.  I am sure I will find a kneebar in my wanderings soon so I am not too concerned.

This is the other beauty we found.

She is a Franklin which if I understand correctly was made by White.  I think at one time she may have been either a motorized, or hand crank.  She has beautiful decals though.  She needs some cleaning definitely.

My other acquisition was a big gallon bag stuffed full of fabric.  They appear to be many vintage fabrics and scraps.  Not bad for $6.00. These will be fun to use in my Farmer's Wife, and Quilty Barn Along.

Well I am going to go work out how to make the star my mother wants.  Happy Monday everyone!

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