Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beating the Brush

The older I get the more I realize that somethings which are considered obsolete were a very good idea.  I hate to get my handheld mixer out to do scrambled eggs, or omelets.  Get the mixer out, find the beaters, find a plug, mix whatever you are mixing, remove the beaters, put the mixer away, and put the beaters away.  Way too many steps.  Whisks are tricky at best when it comes to use. 

A couple of  years ago I bought an old egg beater at a flea market for $2.00.  It is different looking and has a different action than most hand powered egg beaters.  It actually only has 2 hoops at the bottom instead of 4 like most do. 
Every time I turned around DH had it.  So I bought him some egg beaters.

 This one I love the red paint, but it is chipping and of course I suspect that it may have been lead based. 

I then found this one which DH uses now all the time to do eggs. 

Then I saw this one and loved the milk glass measuring cup it came in and purchased it.
Yep it has the sweet read handle, and the red stripe around the lip of the measuring cup.  This one is purely decorative in my Hoosier.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter's power was out at her house.  So she brought the minions here, so she could do laundry, give showers and feed them.  Of course she pulled out DH favorite mixer to make them sausage and scrambled eggs.

She was so cute raving about how fluffy her eggs are when she cooks at my house.  Is it the gas, that she is focused more on cooking, or the egg beater?  Her request she wanted an egg beater for her upcoming birthday. 

Sounds easy right?  Do you know how hard they are to come by at times?  Kind of like when you are looking for something you will never find it until you don't need it anymore.  I have wandered yard sales, estate sales, and finally found one at an antique shop, but DH is not thrilled with it.

DH doesn't like the action and is afraid that the kids will get their fingers caught in the mechanism wheel.  So he has gallantly offered up his red handled one.  The only problem I need to varnish the heck out of the handle so the paint will not chip off.  We were laughing about how kids find some things amazing, and egg beaters happen to be one of those things. 

Also the 5 year old keeps asking his mamma to teach him to cook.  I think it is a great idea as long as he understands he can only cook while supervised.  She is not really lovin the idea.  How old were you when you learned to cook?  Or how old were your kids when you taught them to cook. 


  1. I bet my mom never worried about our fingers getting caught in them, nor did I when I used mine. I think I still have mine in a box somewhere...but I have no idea where the box is. Love all of yours!

  2. hubs and I have a hand beater too. we love love love it. I was around 6 when I started to learn to cook. my mom had me first just pouring ingredients in the bowl and helping to mix. then I graduated to measuring. and then later to use the stove/oven. I was about 10 or so by then. fun fun and a good way to foster love of cooking and self confidence.

  3. I think my son was about 2 when he first starting "helping" cook things like pancakes and scrambled eggs.

  4. I still have my grandmother's beater but never think to use it. It's hanging on the wall with her potato masher. :) blessings, marlene

  5. We may have on of Tommy s mother's here, but I like my kitchenaid

  6. So many different egg beaters! I like the one with the little cup. I did not learn to cook until after I was married, 18. Growing up my Mom never seemed to want us in the kitchen.

  7. I don't think a child is ever to young to learn to cook. There are lots of things they can do to help mom without doing the actual cooking part.

  8. I have a couple of egg beaters here, but, I tend to forget to use them. I got to make a cake when I was 3. My mother didn't like to cook (still doesn't), so, when I was 5+, my father would let me help him when he cooked. When I moved out, I'd call my father for cooking help, never my mother. Mom would put the cream gravy in the blender to get the lumps out. It did work.

  9. I have a couple of hand mixers, too and I love them!!! As a kid, I played with them in the bathtub to make bubbles. =)

  10. what fun mixers you have. I do like that one with the cup. Pretty neat.
    I learned to cook probably when I was about 8 and then my mom made me do all the cooking since she worked.
    I taught my 3 kids when they were young too. Good thing I taught my boys because there wives didn't learn how to cook. They do some now.

  11. I love using old-time tools for cooking! I've been on a mission in the past few years to replace all my fry pans with cast iron and my spoons & spatulas with metal ones. Also only using glass bowls and glasses. I've gotten to where I hate plastic! One thing I don't have is an egg beater - now I've gotta have one!!!

  12. This brings back many fond memories of my Mama cooking and me helping her.


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